SESW Policies

Equipment Purchasing (SKIDS, TRAILERS, ETC)

Once a purchase has been made from Southeast Softwash, we do not initiate refunds to customers. We take pride in our efficient turnaround time for units in this industry. When an order is placed, we assign and purchase components based on the specified requirements. Therefore, we cannot accommodate a customer's change of mind once the commitment has been made. Once you commit to us, the transaction is considered final.

For the production of equipment, Southeast Softwash requires full payment upfront. In special cases where our production queue is at maximum capacity, we will request a non-refundable down payment of $1,000 from the customer. Once a production slot becomes available, we will notify the customer, who will then have 3 days to submit the remaining payment. Once we receive the full payment, the customer's build will be prioritized in our production queue.

Please note that card payments will incur a 3% processing fee. However, orders made through check, bank transfer, or cash will not have any additional fees.

Southeast Softwash accepts wire transfers from the bank of your choice. However, it is important to understand that we do not cover the processing fees associated with wire transfers. For international orders, the wire transfer option must be used unless stated otherwise.

SESW is not a franchise company. Each unit we build undergoes functional testing, and a video archive of the testing process is kept in our records. We encourage customers to verify the system's functionality upon pickup. Troubleshooting, maintenance, and daily operation are solely the responsibility of the purchaser. It is important to note that the purchase of equipment does not include free consulting or training. However, we do offer various training events and provide digital training assets for the benefit of our customers. While the SESW team will be glad to assist with loading your equipment, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure secure transport and meet all legal requirements for transporting equipment safely.

SESW is a global company. We provide equipment, chemicals and parts to customers in various areas of the world. It is the customers responsibility to adhere to any federal, state, or local regulations for operating your business. It is the customers responsibility to understand DOT regulations for transporting their equipment and chemicals in a compliant manner.Additionally, you should research and be aware of any local or state regulations that may apply.

At SESW, we stand behind the quality of our products as the largest provider of turn-key systems worldwide. However, it is important to understand that our industry requires regular maintenance. The use of corrosive chemicals, high pressures, and daily usage inevitably means that repairs may be necessary at some point. We do not operate a repair center. Therefore, the best course of action for customers is to familiarize themselves with our extensive library of troubleshooting tutorial videos and become knowledgeable about their system.

Components used in our systems that have their own manufacturer warranty, such as the engine, gearbox, and trailer base, will need to be addressed directly with the respective companies in the event of any warranty issues. Southeast Softwash does not assume liability or warranty claims for parts that we do not produce. Southeast Softwash LLC is not responsible for "loss of wages" as a result of delays or failures in parts or equipment. 


SESW specializes in offering industry professionals top-notch chemical solutions of the highest quality. It is important to note that our products are specifically designed for professional use. Our products should be used according to instructions and all precautions taken to avoid unintended damage to surfaces. When working with our chemicals, it is crucial to adhere to all safety precautions. This includes using the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring proper ventilation in the workspace, and avoiding any cross-contamination of incompatible products. For detailed guidance and information about specific chemical products, please refer to the respective product pages and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Your safety and the proper handling of our chemical solutions are of paramount importance to us. By following the recommended guidelines and precautions, you can effectively utilize our products to achieve outstanding results while maintaining a safe working environment.

Website orders

SESW efficiently processes and ships thousands of orders on a weekly basis. Once an order has been placed, it is important to note that we have a strict no-refund and no-cancellation policy. Our streamlined operations make it impossible for us to halt the shipping process due to customer buyer's remorse. We kindly request that you carefully consider your needs and ensure that the items you order are exactly what you require before making a purchase. To provide convenience and transparency, upon completing your purchase, our system automatically generates an order confirmation email as well as a separate tracking email. The tracking email includes a hyperlink to UPS, allowing you to easily monitor the progress of your package. Additionally you may use our chat feature for assistance tracking your orders, or simply log in to your account to view statuses. 

Please understand that our team is incredibly busy and unable to personally track individual orders on behalf of customers. We encourage you to utilize the provided tracking information to stay updated on your order status. Typically, SESW ships all orders within 3-5 business days. However, it is important to note that our official policy allows for a maximum processing time of 10 business days. This timeframe accounts for our internal processes and responsibilities. Please be aware that this does not indicate the delivery time to your address, once SESW relinquishes custody of your package to our carrier, it is up to them to get it to your door.

SESW also offers an expedited fulfillment option called "FAST-FULFILL". By selecting this non-refundable option at checkout, the SESW team will pull your order to the top of the daily workload and prioritize your packages above standard orders. Some items like the SmartStream, SmartBlend, or other products that require assembly may still take time to build, but rest assured the FAST-FULFILL option will get your items out our door as quick as humanly possible. 

If your order exceeds 10 business days without being shipped, we kindly request that you contact us with your order number, and we will promptly investigate the matter to identify and address any potential issues. Please refrain from contacting us with inquiries such as "I'm just checking on my order," as these communications will be disregarded. In the event that your order experiences a delay or sustains damage during the shipping process, please inform us immediately. We are committed to resolving such circumstances and will initiate a claim with UPS on your behalf. SESW reserves the right to cancel your order at any time at our discretion.



SESW provides on-site training sessions that can be conveniently booked through our website under the "Training" tab. Additionally, we organize various seminar-style events throughout the year. It is important to note that by attending these events, you agree to abide by our Social Media Policy and Hold Harmless Agreement. Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions outlined in these agreements. During your visit to our facility, we want to emphasize that we are not liable for any accidents or incidents that may occur. Please be aware that while we offer training on equipment and techniques, we cannot accept responsibility for any damages that may result from your use, or misuse of our equipment or the application of techniques learned during the training sessions. Our training programs are designed to impart best practices based on our extensive 25 years of industry experience. Ultimately, how you choose to implement and utilize this information is at your discretion. We prioritize providing valuable training opportunities, sharing our knowledge, and equipping industry professionals with the necessary skills to excel in their work. However, it is important to understand that individuals are responsible for their actions and the outcomes resulting from the use of our training and equipment.

WEBSITE IMAGES DISCLAIMER: Please note that some images on our website may not accurately reflect the actual product from time to time. As we continually strive to improve and add to our product lines, there may be times that the website image is out of date, until we have the chance to make image updates.

Thank you for understanding!