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Lean & Mean Pressure Washing Customer Contract

Lean & Mean Pressure Washing Customer Contract

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(Read Me: when you order, you will be prompted to create a password and on your account page you will receive access to all files) 

Here's a fraction of what you're getting...

  • Electrical Outlet Mishaps - How we avoid them, and address in the language where you never have to deal with this again. Its actually very simple, and is the customers responsibility..
  • Weep Holes- we got this covered here.
  • The technical difference in a window rinse, and pure water window cleaning and the expectations based on if the client removes the screens for you or not. (this language covers expectations on window spotting for house washes.)...inside

  • Roof cleaning expectations and time frames? We also cover touchups and our stipulations on "call backs" for the roof treatment to finish its cleaning process over weeks/months.

  • Tree sap on siding and its removal, expectations and how to handle this conversation with the customer.

  • Dog Poop...nuff said.

  • The 5-word phrase in this contract that takes the legal “wiggle room” out for clients who choose to “drag their feet” and pay late. In a court of law. 

  • PRIOR TO CLEANING: Removing the booby trap of dry-rotted screens and that fall apart in your hand, AGAIN our language covers you in this scenario. 

  • These are just a few of the intricate portions of this agreement,..BUT it keeps going. It also handles initial formalities for house washing, and roof cleaning as well.

  • Download: Immediately sent to your email upon purchase. (make sure you download on your desktop, not on your phone first.) 

  • REMEMBER: This is not a replacement for insurance. You need insurance too. But this is a buffer to having to use insurance. This allows the client to be aware of all the expectations. More like an “expectations buffer” and the good thing about it, is it will hold up in court. 

    But you know what you'll really love?

    Its completely plug and play!

    NO reinventing the WHEEL.

    NO having to get CREATIVE.

    NO having to call your own attorney at a $500+ retainer.

    NO stealing some weak legal-zoom contract that won't hold up in court. (if court were to happen). 

    NO worrying about a Karen that wants to take your insurance $$ and fix up her house at your expense. 

    When you purchase this customer contract, you simply change my business name for your name, and THATS IT. Your done. 

    You're good to go!

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