What is SoftWashing?

That is a great question! Let’s start at the basics.

Every structure in the world is an effort by man to claim a small piece of land and it’s a constant battle with nature trying to re-claim that spot. We’ve all seen what happens to abandoned buildings left unattended. After just a few years, you may not even know a building was ever there!

Now of course as homeowners, we don’t allow our castle to be overrun without a fight! Regular cleaning of the exterior is the first line of defense against the microbes, bacteria, algae, and other organic growth.

Traditionally this was a job for a pressure washer and a whole Saturday of elbow grease or perhaps you just hired a “professional” wash company that showed up and blasted the property with an even bigger commercial power washer. We call this the “chuck in a truck” approach. Sure the organic growth was removed but your home was probably damaged in the process.

Enter softwashing!

The truth is we don’t need a ton of PSI to clean effectively. We don’t need to dedicate hours to get an average home looking new. We don’t need to risk damage to the property to get the job done. Here’s the nuts and bolts definition of softwashing: A low pressure application of specific chemicals to kill and clean organic growth from a surface.

A true professional softwash company has the proper tools and training to clean exterior quickly, effectively and most importantly safely.

We still love our old, trusty pressure washers. But we only use them when needed on hard surfaces such as concrete, pool decks, etc.

Purpose-built softwash equipment has revolutionized the exterior cleaning industry and allows the customer to get a better clean and the professional wash company to be much more profitable