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Titanium Tall Reach Tip (Shooter Tip) For 4-7 GPM (Color Choice)

Titanium Tall Reach Tip (Shooter Tip) For 4-7 GPM (Color Choice)

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The SR71 Blackbird was the first aircraft to use Titanium in its fuselage, engine and parts.

…In fact, the entire exterior is crafted from titanium because at mach 3 aluminum melts.

Since then, the metal has become a staple in stealth aircraft construction.

Known for its lightweight, strength and corrosion resistance, titanium is about 50% the weight of Stainless Steel with all the same strength capabilities that stainless provides it is also so hard that it damages standard machining equipment.

This Tall Reach Titanium Shooter Tip is the first and only one of its kind on the planet, and this is a very limited run so get yours while you can.


  • Billet Titanium Construction – Half the weight of stainless so you can save your wrists and forearms.
  • Custom anodized finish. (colors may vary from image)
  • For use on 4gpm-5.5gpm Pressure Washers or 5-7gpm Softwash Pumps
  • Will pull chemical – so its downstream friendly!

We can’t promise that you’ll be able to shoot 85,000 feet like the SR71, but we can promise that you’ll have a piece in your kit that you enjoy using as much as we enjoyed creating it.

….And a pressure washing shooter tip that looks like the scorched titanium exhaust on an SR71 is just freaking cool anyway.

Weight: 0.5 lb