2 Chemical Upsells That Will Make You More Money Pressure Washing


Welcome back to the Lean and Mean Academy, where we're all about maximizing profits in the pressure washing business. In today's video, we're diving into two chemical upsells that can take your earnings to the next level.

But before we get started, a quick reminder: if you're new to the pressure washing game and want to master the craft, check out our comprehensive "How to Wash" course. Developed by industry experts, it covers everything from chemical selection to proper equipment usage, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to succeed in the field.

1. Degreasing and Oil Spot Removal: When it comes to degreasing, think beyond industrial applications like dumpster pads and gas station concrete. We're talking about leveraging potent degreasers like Southeast Softwash's Dynamite Degreaser to tackle oil stains in residential driveways.

Sure, you could simply inform the customer that the stain won't come out completely. But why stop there? Offer to attempt removal for an additional fee, typically around $150. While it won't achieve perfection, customers are often delighted with noticeable improvement, making it a win-win situation.

Southeast Softwash's Dynamite Degreaser is highly concentrated, allowing you to cover more ground with less product. This means minimal expense for potentially significant returns, with upsells ranging from $100 to $500 or even up to $1,000 for larger jobs.

2. Gutter Brightening: Gutter brightening, also known as gutter whitening, presents another lucrative upsell opportunity. Many homes, especially ranch-style residences, suffer from unsightly "tiger stripes" caused by oxidization.

Enter gutter guard solutions like those offered by Southeast Softwash. Dilute the product, apply it with a brush, and watch as those stubborn tiger stripes fade away. While it does require some elbow grease, the payoff can be substantial.

Typically, you can charge anywhere from $200 to $600 for gutter brightening services, depending on the extent of the staining and the size of the property. Just remember to dilute the solution properly—straight application risks damaging paintwork.

In conclusion, these chemical upsells offer a lucrative avenue for boosting your pressure washing profits. With minimal investment and a bit of effort, you can significantly increase your earnings while delivering added value to your customers.

So, next time you're on a job, consider offering degreasing and oil spot removal or gutter brightening services. Your bottom line—and your customers—will thank you for it.

Until next time, keep hustling and maximizing those profits!

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