3 Chemicals That’ll Make You More Money Pressure Washing


Boost Your Profits: 3 Essential Chemicals for Your Pressure Washing Business

Hey everyone! Justin here from Forever Self-Employed. In today's video, we're diving into three chemicals that can make you a ton more money in your pressure washing business. We're sharing insights from a podcast I did with Cody, where he breaks down the chemicals you need and how to sell these services on-site.


In the podcast, Cody discusses how you can use specific chemicals to upsell additional services, increasing your ticket prices by $100 to $200 per job. If you're doing 100 to 200 jobs a year, this can significantly boost your profits. Cody also shares exact phrases you can use on-site to sell these services effectively.

The Three Must-Have Chemicals

  1. Rust Remedy

    • Rust stains are common on many properties. Having a good rust removal product, like Rust Remedy, allows you to offer this as an add-on service. Customers with visible rust stains are likely to want them cleaned, and you can charge a premium for this service.
  2. Dynamite Degreaser

    • Oil stains on driveways and patios are frequent issues. A powerful degreaser, such as Dynamite Degreaser, can help you tackle these stains effectively, making it another valuable upsell. Most homeowners are keen to remove unsightly oil stains, especially if they use their outdoor spaces frequently.
  3. SESW Gutter Guard

    • Gutter brightening targets the vertical lines on gutter faces, known as tiger striping. Using SESW Gutter Guard, you can address this highly visible issue that many homeowners want resolved. Offering gutter brightening can add substantial value to your service package.

Effective Upselling Strategies

Cody emphasizes the importance of presenting these add-ons in a way that feels natural and justified. Here’s how you can do it:

  • On-Site Phrasing: Use phrases like "while we're here" to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. For example, "We can take care of that rust stain for $75 while we're here."

  • Bundling Services: Customers are more likely to opt for additional services if they perceive it as a limited-time offer. Bundle the primary service with smaller add-ons to increase your average ticket price without overwhelming the customer.

  • Targeting High-End Clients: High-end clients with disposable income are less sensitive to price increases. They are more focused on the overall quality and appearance of their property. Tailor your upsell pitches to highlight the benefits of a pristine, well-maintained home.

Real-World Pricing

Let's talk numbers. The national average for gutter brightening is about $1 to $1.50 per linear foot. For a typical house, this can quickly add up. If you're already charging $399 for a house wash, adding $125 for gutter brightening is a small step for the customer but a significant boost to your revenue.

Additional Benefits

Beyond the obvious financial benefits, offering these specialized services sets you apart from competitors. It positions you as a professional who can handle a variety of cleaning needs, not just the basics. This differentiation can be crucial in attracting and retaining high-value clients.


Using these three chemicals—Rust Remedy, Dynamite Degreaser, and SESW Gutter Guard—can greatly enhance your pressure washing business's profitability. By effectively upselling these services, you can significantly increase your revenue and provide more comprehensive solutions to your clients.

For those interested in starting a pressure washing business and learning more about the essential chemicals, mixing them, equipment, and on-site job walkthroughs, check out the How to Wash Course. You can find the link in the comments and description below. Additionally, the second link will take you to all the chemicals Cody discusses in the video, and the third link is for the full podcast episode.

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