3 Hats You Have To Wear In Your Pressure Washing Business


Welcome back to the Lean and Mean Academy! Today, we have a special treat for you. In this video, I'm joined by my good friend Coty Yarbrough, and we're diving deep into a topic that often goes unaddressed: the three hats you've got to wear when running a pressure washing business, especially in those critical first and second years.

Before we jump into it, let me quickly mention an event that you won't want to miss: the Serious Starter Boot Camp. Coty and I have been involved in this event intermittently, and it always sells out fast. Held on May 20th and 21st at Softwash Southeast Southwest HQ in Roanoke, Alabama, it's your chance to dive into the world of pressure washing rigs, learn essential technical skills, and master marketing strategies to propel your business into the future.

Now, let's get into the meat of our discussion. Coty and I have distilled the essence of running a successful pressure washing business into three fundamental roles: maintenance, marketing, and management.

1. The Maintenance Hat

The first hat you've got to wear is the maintenance hat. Whether you're a blue-collar worker or a white-collar professional, maintenance is non-negotiable in this industry. From keeping your pumps and swivels in top condition to ensuring your equipment doesn't let you down on the job site, staying on top of maintenance is key. Remember, a lack of planning on your part does not equal an emergency on our part. Invest in spare parts, tools, and knowledge to tackle maintenance issues efficiently.

2. The Marketing Hat

Next up is the marketing hat, a challenge many entrepreneurs struggle with. Marketing can feel like an intangible concept, especially for those more accustomed to tangible tasks. However, investing in marketing is essential for business growth. Embrace strategies like Google Ads, Facebook marketing, and SEO to ensure your business stands out in a crowded market. Remember, marketing is an investment, not an expense.

3. The Management Hat

Last but not least is the management hat. While you may not wear this hat in the early days when you're doing everything yourself, learning to manage your business effectively is crucial for long-term success. Establish systems, delegate tasks, and prioritize your time wisely. Whether it's implementing an answering service, using a CRM, or hiring your first employee, effective management is the key to scaling your business.

As Coty and I discussed, wearing these hats can be challenging, especially when you're just starting. But with dedication, perseverance, and the right resources, you can master each role and build a thriving pressure washing business.

And speaking of resources, don't forget to check out the SESW Softwash 101 Training Video for expert insights and practical tips to level up your pressure washing game. Investing in education and training is another crucial aspect of business success.

In conclusion, running a successful pressure washing business requires mastering the three hats of maintenance, marketing, and management. By embracing these roles and continually learning and adapting, you can achieve your entrepreneurial dreams in the dynamic world of pressure washing.

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