How To Remove Efflorescence & Calcite From Brick and Block


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Lean and Mean Academy. In today's post, we're tackling a common but stubborn issue—efflorescence and calcite buildup. We're excited to test out EFFLO-GO, a new efflorescence removal chemical from Coty Yarborough at Southeast Softwash. This product promises to handle even the toughest deposits. Let's dive in!

Understanding Efflorescence and Calcite

Before we get into the removal process, it's important to understand what we're dealing with:

  • Efflorescence: This appears as a white, chalky haze on surfaces like mortar, brick, and block. When you touch it with water, it temporarily disappears, making it seem easy to remove. However, once the substrate dries, the efflorescence reappears just as before.
  • Calcite: Unlike efflorescence, calcite is much more stubborn. It remains visible after washing and is hard to remove without a strong chemical solution.

Testing EFFLO-GO on Tough Deposits

Now, let's see how EFFLO-GO performs. We have some hardy efflorescence and calcite deposits to tackle, and we're excited to test this product.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Initial Application:

    • We applied EFFLO-GO directly to the efflorescence and calcite deposits.
    • Notice the bubbling action—this indicates the product is actively working to break down the calcium and salt deposits.
  2. Reapplication:

    • Without rinsing, we applied a second coat to the toughest spots. Keeping the area wet is crucial for the best results.
  3. Observation:

    • After treating the entire surface, we allowed EFFLO-GO to work its magic.

Results and Final Thoughts

After giving EFFLO-GO time to act, we rinsed the treated areas. The results were impressive, with significant reduction in both efflorescence and calcite deposits.

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EFFLO-GO proved to be an effective solution for removing stubborn efflorescence and calcite deposits. Whether you're a homeowner dealing with these issues or a contractor looking for reliable products, EFFLO-GO is worth considering.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check out the How to Wash course for more tips and tricks on pressure washing. Until next time, happy cleaning!

Check out the How to Wash course for comprehensive training on pressure washing!

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