Ox-Knox, Even a 13yr Old Can Figure It Out.

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In this video, Cody from Southeast Softwash is at Ace Hardware, where he is doing some demos and picking up some products. He is joined by a young man named Dan, who is very knowledgeable and impressive for his age. Cody mentions that he has used some of Dan's photos for his product photos, which shows how much he admires his work.

Cody mentions that he is going to use Ox-Knox, a product he sells, to deoxidize a building nearby. He bought a pump sprayer from Ace and is ready to give it a try. He explains that Ox-Knox is great for removing oxidation from painted surfaces, whether you're restoring paint or prepping it for a new coat. He points out the oxidized areas on the building, which are clearly visible.

Cody asks Dan to spray a square area on the building with Ox-Knox. They plan to let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off with a super pump. Cody mentions that they have a prototype super pump on their truck, which doesn't have a pressure switch. He instructs Dan to turn on the pump when he signals, but warns him that it won't shut off until the hose blows off.

After spraying the Ox-Knox on the designated area, Cody and Dan notice that the oxidation is already starting to come off. They decide to spray another coat to keep it wet and prevent it from drying too quickly. Cody explains that keeping the surface wet is important for the Ox-Knox to work effectively.

As they continue to spray and rinse the area, Cody points out the brown color that is coming off, indicating the oxidation being removed. He demonstrates how easily the oxidation comes off with a swipe of his finger. Dan is ready to rinse the area with the super pump, and Cody gives him the signal to start.

After rinsing off the Ox-Knox, Cody and Dan are impressed with the results. The oxidized paint has been completely deoxidized, and the contrast between the treated and untreated areas is clear. Cody mentions that the building may not need to be painted after all, as the faded paint is actually just oxidized paint.

Cody emphasizes the importance of being careful when using Ox-Knox, as it is a professional-grade chemical. He encourages viewers to try Ox-Knox for themselves and mentions that Dan and others have used it successfully on their own jobs.

In conclusion, Cody demonstrates the effectiveness of Ox-Knox in removing oxidation from painted surfaces. With just a few coats of Ox-Knox and a rinse, the oxidized paint on the building is restored to its original appearance. Cody's interaction with Dan, a young and knowledgeable individual, adds a personal touch to the video and showcases the positive experiences others have had with Ox-Knox. If you're in need of a solution to remove oxidation from your painted surfaces, Ox-Knox is definitely worth considering

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