Will a 12v pump hit 3 stories?


Hey there, folks! Coty from Southeast Softwash here, and today we've got an exciting test lined up for you. Join us as we put our mini pro skid and 12-volt system to the test, tackling a real-world challenge at a hotel.

As we begin, our focus is on a dumpster pad where we're testing our air fluorescence product. But while we're at it, let's take a closer look at this impressive four-story hotel building. With each floor clearly defined, we're ready to push the limits of our 12-volt system.

Standing tall in front of the building, I demonstrate the reach of our equipment, showcasing its ability to surpass three stories effortlessly. Despite common misconceptions in the industry, a 12-volt system is more than capable of handling multi-story buildings with the right setup and expertise.

Through this quick video, I aim to dispel the myth that 12-volt systems fall short when it comes to cleaning tall structures. In fact, our system proves to be a reliable and efficient choice for both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.

With a compact footprint and powerful performance, our 12-volt soft wash system, paired with a five-gallon-per-minute pressure washer, emerges as a lucrative option for entrepreneurs entering the industry.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro looking to optimize your equipment or someone considering a career in soft washing, stay tuned for more valuable insights and demonstrations from Southeast Softwash. See you in the next video!

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