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Graffiti Defeatii - Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Defeatii - Graffiti Remover

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Graffiti Defeatii - Graffiti Remover is a premium graffiti remover designed for porous masonry surfaces, such as brick, concrete, slate, granite, stucco, and other similar surfaces.

Graffiti Defeatii soaks into porous surfaces, releasing paint from surface and sub-surface layers of masonry to remove the paint and its shadow. Works in cold, hot, wet, and dry conditions. It's water based and works in 10 minutes!

Steps that have helped us get the best results:

  • Apply graffiti remover liberally and let dwell for 10 minutes keeping spot wet with chemical (make sure it doesn't dry)
  • Use high pressure from your pressure washer (green tip or turbo nozzle) to remove spot.
  • Spots on porous brick may need a second application (repeat process).

This is a haz-mat product and will have an additional $25 haz-mat fee added to the shipping cost (This fee will be the same for one gallon or a whole case.) (We do not ship Hazmat chemicals outside the continental U.S. or Canada)

Graffiti Defeatii SDS

Weight: 37.0 lb