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Southeast Softwash

SESW Dollhouse Detailers Chemical Sampler Pack

SESW Dollhouse Detailers Chemical Sampler Pack

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Introducing the SESW "Dollhouse Detailers" Sample Pack, our ingenious solution for the budget-savvy soft-washing and pressure washing professionals out there! We've heard your calls for cost-effective options loud and clear, and we're responding with this economical, yet equally powerful lineup of our best chemicals, including the mighty "Ox Knox", the formidable "Dynamite Degreaser", and the trusty "Rust Remedy", all in thimble-sized samples. 

Imagine sprucing up dollhouses or giving a new shine to miniature collectibles, and they're so compact and cost-effective, you'll find yourself zapping away stains and grime without worrying about breaking the bank. 

We understand that times can be tough, and not everyone needs a gallon when a thimble will do. Whether it's the intricate cleaning of hobbyist items or addressing smaller areas of concern, the "Dollhouse Detailers" are here to ensure that your high standards of cleanliness are met, without the need for large-scale investments.

The SESW "Dollhouse Detailers" Sample Pack is our nod to the professionals who tackle every task with determination, no matter the scale. With "Ox Knox", "Dynamite Degreaser", and "Rust Remedy" at your disposal, you're equipped to deliver exceptional results, proving that great efficiency and effectiveness can come in the most compact of packages. It's our way of saying we hear you, we understand, and we've got your back.

Instructions: Use an eye dropper to apply, and a tooth brush to agitate, or just drive really slow in the left lane and it should agitate itself. 

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