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Start A Pressure Washing Business by Aaron Parker | Volume 1 : Tough Love Ebook

Start A Pressure Washing Business by Aaron Parker | Volume 1 : Tough Love Ebook

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How To Start A Pressure Washing Business 101 Q&A - Volume 1: Tough Love

From Aaron's Lean & Mean Academy Youtube Channel

This book is for serious starters only!

This book is a compilation of 101 pressure washing questions from my youtube channel. (Aaron's Lean & Mean Academy) I answered all of them the best I could to fit them in this book.

Heres a few samples:

  • Can you use a pressure washer as a soft washer?
  • Is bleach actually Biodegradable?...the deep-state ongoing controversy that surrounds this topic.
  • The most efficient way to measure properties for quoting purposes.
  • How to "Break The News" of a price increase to your current customers.
  • The pitfall of Google Ads that only veteran pressure washing contractors know.
  • The BEST Pressure Washer you can get for $2500..(Question #11)
  • The BIG LIE of Wix Websites and cheap template website builders. (Question #14)
  • How the pros work with the EPA Gestapo to stay in regulatory compliance. (Question #15)
  • A little tip on "how to use the customers water." and not your own. (should you charge less?...inside)
  • How creating a partnership will sabotage your business from the inside out.
  • The best way to charge? (Square Footage or by the hour?)

and much much more....inside.

Warning To The Woke Masses!

This book is not for everyone, and if you're a complainer, entitled child or self-righteous communist, (ironically reading this through their iphone) - pressure washing and my channel (Aarons Lean & Mean Academy) isn't for you.

If you're one of the few and proud men and women who love to dictate their schedule, be at all your kids football games, sign your own checks, and is willing to work their butt off for it...grab your copy now.

I am so immensely grateful because Pressure Washing was my "restart" at life. It gave me the freedom I had always wanted and allowed me to be with my son more often. It also opened up so many opportunities for me and partnerships I never could have dreamed of. I know it can do the same for you...if you want it badly enough.

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