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Southeast Softwash

Tall Reach Shooter Tip (8gpm - 10gpm) Downstreaming

Tall Reach Shooter Tip (8gpm - 10gpm) Downstreaming

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*for 8gpm to 10gpm Pressure Washers*

Are you down-streaming chemical from your pressure washer and wanting to hit the tall peaks?

This Tall Reach Shooter Tip (long range soap nozzle) will help you downstream chemical from your 8-10gpm pressure washer and do just that.

  • For downstreaming with 8-10gpm Pressure Washers
  • Reduces Atomization or "mist"
  • Low Profile

If you have a 4gpm-5.5gpm pressure washer - use this tip here.

If you have a 24v Softwash System - use this tip here

*Yes they are all different orifice sizes.*


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