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Southeast Softwash


Tucker Window Cleaning products ship separately and are subject to a shipping fee.


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Tucker Window Cleaning products ship separately and are subject to a shipping fee.

Bundle and Save BIG!

Want to add a second operator? Choose your additional pole here!

Looking for a kit like this made for residential work? Check out our Ultimate Residential Kit!

This is the perfect set up for anyone looking to get serious about commercial window cleaning. This upgraded kit is designed for those looking for more water flow for faster rinsing in all water conditions. Like all of our RO/DI systems this system includes your first set of pre-filter and post-filters FREE of charge so you're not left stranded on the job when your first filters go bad.

This bundle includes our:

Tucker® Max Output RO/DI System

Tucker® Hose Reel w/ 150' of Hose

Tucker® High Modulus 50' Pole, Bare

2x Tucker® Modular Pole Extension

Tucker® Junior Pole, Bare

Tucker® XL Boar's Hair Water Fed Brush w/ 4 Pencil Jets

Tucker® XL Dual-Trim Nylon Water Fed Brush w/ 4 Pencil Jets

Tucker® XL Dual-Trim Hybrid Water Fed Brush w/ 4 Pencil Jets

Tucker® Over the Top Rinse Bar XL

Tucker® XL Alpha Scrubber

Tucker® Mini Walnut Scrubber

Tucker® Ultra Valve

100' of 5/16" OD Tucker® Pole Hose

5/16" Inline Ball Valve

All 3 Sizes of the Tucker® Carbon Fiber Goosenecks

Wood Cone Tip for Poles

Acme Tip for Poles

Tucker® Reach Around Gooseneck w/ Quick Release

Tucker® Swiveling Gooseneck


The Tucker® Max Output RO/DI System

The Max Output RO/DI System from Tucker® - our first 5 stage system in over a decade! Features 3+ GPM flow capacity with its' built in 110v booster pump, an inline TDS meter, pressure regulator, and the ability to choose between RO only and RO/DI modes for different cleaning applications.

Sediment pre-filter

Carbon pre-filter

Dual RO- featuring Tucker® RIVAL Series RO membranes

20" refillable DI filter

All Tucker® systems will come with their first set of replacement sediment, carbon, and DI filters included at no extra cost! No more worrying about not having an extra filter on hand when you need it.

Max Output 5-Stage RO/DI Cart - User Manual

Tucker® 150' Hose Reel w/ premium pure water hose

New hose reel from Tucker®.  

The Highest quality hand carry hose reel on the market today.  

Made of powder coated laser cut steel and machined aluminum.

Assembled in the USA.  Comes complete with 150' of 3/8" premium hose line.

3/4" Brass garden hose inlet.

3/4" Brass garden hose outlet.


Tucker® 50HM Pole - Bare

Made from 100% high-grade carbon fiber, this water fed pole can extend to a height of 46’ (brush to cap). These poles are perfect for ground level up to fourth floor commercial work. High Modulus carbon fiber gives the Tucker® 50 HM unbeatable rigidity, allowing you to apply ample cleaning pressure while saving your body during those long summer days.


Tucker® Modular Pole Extension

The Tucker® #10 modular extension is used to extend the Tucker® High Mod 50 poles; these sections are modular and sit one on top of the other.

Each section will add 5 feet to the length of the overall pole.


Tucker® Junior Pole - Bare 

The Tucker®-JUNIOR Water Fed Pole is a 3 section ground-level pole designed to reach windows up to 15 feet in height. Made from a blend of standard modulus carbon fiber and fiberglass, this pole still maintains a good rigid frame at an ultra low cost. The Tucker®-JUNIOR collapses to a height of 52 inches, and weighs in at only 2 pounds, even with a window cleaning brush attached. 


Tucker® XL Boar Hair Water Fed Brush with 4 Pencil Jets 

Designed for experienced window washers, this American made water fed brush is made from natural boar bristles for a superior clean. The natural fibers of the boar bristle clean and scrub regardless of their orientation. This allows the seasoned professional to clean into corners and crevices by splaying the fibers of the brush out and utilizing the entire surface of the boar bristles. This brush comes with 4 separately plumbed pencil jets, creating direct streams of high-pressure water that powers away grime. Pencil jets are perfect  for situations where a deeper level of cleaning is needed, and a higher water pressure is desired directly on the glass to minimize physical strain by the operator.


Tucker® XL Dual Trim Nylon Water Fed Brush with 4 Pencil Jets 

This light weight, general purpose water fed brush is ideal for any skill level window cleaner. Nylon is an excellent tip to glass cleaning material, and when the fibers are laid down on the glass, they glide across the surface easily.  This dual trim brush splits the best of both worlds by allowing the window cleaning professional to lay the longer outer edges of the brush against glass, allowing the brush to move freely and easily, while the inner monofilament bristles remain in a vertical position allowing the friction from the tips to scrub away caked on dirt and grime. The splay of the outer bristles also allows the bristle tips to scrub into the corners and trim of the window.


Tucker® XL Hybrid Water Fed Brush with 4 Pencil Jets 

Our dual trim, hybrid water fed brushes are the ultimate glass cleaning brush for solar panel and window cleaning businesses. This hybrid, dual trim brush has bristles that are longer on the outer edge of the brush, allowing the operator to splay the bristles into corners and sides of the glass. The shorter, inner bristles remain upright and allow the tip of the bristle fiber to continue scrubbing directly on inner surface of the glass.  This brush comes with 4 individually plumbed pencil jets, which help direct a high-pressure stream of water that assists the brush operator by blasting away stubborn dirt.


Tucker® XL Over The Top Rinse Bar 

The Tucker® Over the Top Rinse Bar is made of high quality lightweight plastic and guaranteed to perform the way it should from day one. The water flow covers the entire width of the brush. Easily attaches to any of the USA Made Tucker® brushes. *Not designed for other brand brushes.


Tucker® Alpha Scrubber XL

The Tucker® Alpha Scrubber is the ultimate commercial grade polyester scrubbing pad for jobs requiring heavy cleaning to remove dried, caked on dirt and grime from any window. The Alpha Scrubber is unique in that it does not have traditional brush bristles and uses a thick scrubbing pad that traps dirt particles and pulls them away from the glass. The over the top rinse bar pours a cascade of water over the top of the brush allowing the water to fan over the glass and quickly rinse any debris from the cleaning area. 10 replacement pads are included, and we also offer replacement cleaning pads and velcro to keep your investment functioning for a lifetime! 


Tucker® Mini Scrubber

This Mini Scrubber from Tucker® is made to thread onto the male acme tip of our plastic adjustable Reach Around Goosenecks. This is an excellent solution for bird and bee droppings, caked on dust, and other tough jobs. Comes with one replacement 4.5" wide pad. Extra walnut scrub pads for this scrubber are available HERE.


Tucker® Ultra Valve

This new & improved valve accepts male garden hose fittings and the output is 5/16" push to fit connection for your pole tubing. Field tested and PRO window cleaner approved. Simple twist of the valve handle controls the flow. Now featuring a replacable union fitting on 5/16 tubing end.


100' Of 5/16" OD Tucker® Pole Hose 

Looking for a pole hose that doesn't kink or puncture easily? This is the absolute best pole hose you can buy. Hundreds of thousands of feet of this product have been sold. Outside diameter is 5/16" meaning it fits the push to fit style tee fittings on all the euro pole brushes, not just Tucker®.

Inline Ball Valve for 5/16" OD Tucker® Pole Hose 

Small inline ball valve for 5/16" OD pole hose tubing. Simply cut your line where you would like to install the valve and push the valve to fit into place.


Tucker® Carbon Fiber Goosenecks

The Tucker® carbon fiber goosenecks help you reach over deep window ledges. 3 sizes included. Simply remove the tip in your #1 clamp on your Tucker® water fed pole and insert this gooseneck in its place. Incredibly lightweight due to their carbon fiber construction.


Wood Cone Tip

This wood cone tip is the ideal solution for attaching squeegees, mops, etc. to your pole.


ACME Tip For #1 Clamp

Tired of plastic ACME tips breaking under pressure? The all new Aluminum Tucker® ACME tip is designed to fit into the top of the new Tucker® T1 clamp on all Tucker® carbon fiber water fed poles. 

Simply add this to the tip of your pole by inserting it into the new Tucker® T1 clamp and you have affectively converted your water fed pole into a trad pole.


Tucker® Reach Around Gooseneck w/ Quick Release For #1 Clamp

The Tucker® Reach Around Gooseneck is designed to fit onto the tip of your Tucker® water fed pole. This design uses a quick release stem that attaches to the #1 clamp of your Tucker® pole for easy adjustment. 

This attachment accepts Tucker® brushes threaded onto the euro male thread and standard ACME threaded accessories which can be attached via the ACME male thread.


Tucker® Swiveling Gooseneck w/ Quick Release For #1 Clamp

The Tucker® swiveling gooseneck is a must have for any professional looking to tackle odd angles with their water fed pole. The swivel moves from side to side and can easily be adjusted to make the swivel action loose or rigid, depending on the operators preference. This design uses a quick release stem that attaches to the #1 clamp of your Tucker® pole for easy adjustment. Made in USA of strong plastic material, these goosenecks are proven to last.


All RHG and Tucker® brand purification systems, pole sections, and clamps come with a 10 year warranty and are assembled in the US. 

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