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Southeast Softwash

Wood Wizard - Deck and Fence Cleaner

Wood Wizard - Deck and Fence Cleaner

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Introducing Wood Wizard, a premium wood cleaning product from SESW...

The PRO guys know that bleach is a big no-no on wood projects. The PH in those wood fibers will be more screwed up than a blue haired commie protester blocking the highway. And for the love of Al Boreland, don't take a bunch of PSI to that deck, furred up hand rails don't lead to happy customers.

This Sodium Metasilicate based formula is specifically engineered to provide superior results while being gentle on wood surfaces, leaving that natural wood look.

Dirty deck dragging down the curb appeal? Spray that bad boy down with Wood Wizard wood cleaner and get it looking brand new!

Is your privacy fence the eyesore of the neighborhood? Let Wood Wizard work it's magic and get the HOA Karen off your back in no time!

Wood wizard, its so good its like magic!

Recommended application: Dilute product 4:1 and apply evenly to the surface with a pump up sprayer or similar application method. (Product can be downstream applied for less sever cleaning projects.) Let dwell for 15-20 minutes and rinse with white 40 degree pressure washer tip. Use caution to stay approximately 8-12 inches away from surface while rinsing. Be sure to use long consecutive strokes and full passes per board if possible.

If you want to be extra boujee, you can use oxcalic acid as a final step for brightening and neutralization. Not a necessary step if ya rinse it good though.

SDS for Wood Wizard

Weight: 9.0 lb