A Day in the Life of a Pressure Washing Crew


Welcome to another Monday morning hustle in the pressure washing world! In today's adventure, we're navigating through the chaos of a busy day at the Lean and Mean Academy. Strap in and join us as we tackle the challenges and excitement of running a pressure washing business.

Mini Skids on the Move: The day kicks off with mini skids flying out the door. With orders bound for Ohio and Virginia, our team is busy loading up and sending out the Gen 2 mini skids. It's peak season, and the demand is high, keeping us on our toes from the get-go.

New Rust Remedy Unveiled: Amidst the flurry of activity, we introduce a new addition to our product lineup: Rust Remedy. Building on the success of Rust Rescue, this new formula offers a potent solution for rust stains without the Hazmat shipping restrictions. It's a game-changer for professionals tackling massive cleaning projects.

Trailer Tales and Troubles: As we roam around the yard, we encounter the perpetual struggle of trailer lights. Despite our best efforts, these lights just can't seem to survive the rigors of the Southern landscape. It's a reminder of the little challenges that come with the territory but also a testament to our commitment to constant improvement.

Customer Connections: In the midst of the hustle, familiar faces like Keith drop by, reminding us of the strong relationships we've built with our customers over the years. These interactions not only brighten our day but also serve as a reminder of the impact our products and services have on the community.

Wrapping Up the Day: As the day winds down, we reflect on the whirlwind of activity and the challenges overcome. From loading up mini skids to unveiling new products and navigating the quirks of trailer logistics, it's been a typical Monday in the pressure washing world.

Final Thoughts: Despite the inevitable Monday madness, we wouldn't have it any other way. Each challenge and triumph fuels our passion for the business and drives us to keep pushing forward. Here's to another productive day and the endless possibilities that lie ahead in the world of pressure washing.

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