The Worst Pressure Washing Tools People Shouldn’t Waste Their Money On


Welcome back to the Lean and Mean Academy! In this video, we're tackling the age-old dilemma faced by many newcomers in the pressure washing business: which tools are worth the investment and which ones are just a waste of money? Join us as we uncover the top three pressure washing tools you should never waste your hard-earned cash on.

1. Extension Wand: One of the biggest traps that beginners fall into is the allure of the extension wand. While it may seem like a handy tool for reaching high places, the truth is, you don't need it. With the right chemical ratios and techniques, you can effectively clean gutters and high surfaces from the ground without risking damage or injury.

2. Red Tip Nozzle: The red tip nozzle, often included with new pressure washers, is another tool that should be avoided at all costs. This zero-degree nozzle delivers extremely high pressure that can cause serious damage to surfaces, including siding, concrete, and mortar. To prevent liabilities and costly mistakes, remove the red tip nozzle from your arsenal and opt for safer alternatives.

3. Electric Pressure Washer: While electric pressure washers may seem like a budget-friendly option for beginners, they're simply not suitable for professional-grade pressure washing tasks. With low gallons per minute (GPM) and PSI, electric pressure washers lack the power and longevity needed for cleaning houses, concrete, and other surfaces effectively. Additionally, the risk of using electricity around water poses safety concerns, making gas-powered units the preferred choice for mobile pressure washing operations.

Conclusion: As you embark on your pressure washing journey, remember to steer clear of these unnecessary tools that can drain your resources and lead to potential liabilities. Instead, focus on investing in quality equipment and training, such as our SESW SOFTWASH 101, to ensure success in your pressure washing business.

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