How To Clean Dumpster Pads For Money


Unlocking the Potential of Dumpster Pad Cleaning for Business Growth

Hello and welcome back to our channel! In this post, we delve into the lucrative world of dumpster pad cleaning, a key service for any aspiring pressure washing business. This guide is a snippet from a comprehensive video I did with my colleague, Mike, covering every aspect of starting a dumpster pad cleaning business. For the full video, check out the links in the comments and description.

Step-by-Step Process for Cleaning Dumpster Pads

  1. Initial Cleanup: Start by picking up loose trash around the dumpster pad. Use a broom or blower for this task and a shovel for larger debris. All waste goes straight into the dumpster.

  2. Chemical Application: Spray the chosen cleaning detergent or degreaser on the pad. If working on a military base, you might be required to use eco-friendly options like Simple Green. Allow the chemical to react and break down grime.

  3. Cleaning Technique: For heavily soiled pads, use a Surface Cleaner or a turbo tip with a pressure washer. Don't worry about being too harsh; dumpster pads are typically sturdy and not pedestrian zones.

  4. Rinsing and Additional Services: After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the area. Consider upselling services like fence cleaning or washing the dumpster itself, as clients often appreciate a completely clean area.

Setting Client Expectations and Time Management

  • Realistic Outcomes: Communicate with clients that while perfection isn't always achievable, significant improvements in appearance and odor are guaranteed.
  • Warranty and Service Agreement: Include a warranty clause for client reassurance. If any issues are raised post-cleaning, be ready to address them promptly.
  • Efficiency in Operations: Instruct your team to allocate a specific amount of time per job to maintain efficiency without compromising quality.

Upselling and Expanding Services

  • Understanding Client Needs: If a client expresses interest in additional services like cleaning the dumpster itself, negotiate this separately.
  • Pricing Strategy: Charge an additional fee for extra services. For example, cleaning a dumpster could be an added $10 to $30, depending on its size and condition.


Dumpster pad cleaning is a straightforward yet highly profitable aspect of the pressure washing business. By following these steps and tips, you can effectively clean dumpster pads, ensuring a better environment for your clients while growing your business.

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