The Best Cleaner for Tombstones and Monuments.


Introducing 'Monumental': The Game-Changer in Monument Cleaning

Hello, I'm Coty from Southeast Softwash. Today, I'm excited to introduce our latest chemical innovation, 'Monumental' - specifically formulated for cleaning delicate surfaces like tombstones, statues, and government buildings. It's a breakthrough in our lineup, ensuring safe and effective cleaning without bleach or high pressure.

Why 'Monumental' is Different

'Monumental' is designed for surfaces where traditional cleaning methods pose a risk. Its versatility extends beyond gravestones to any area where bleach or abrasive methods are unsuitable. This innovative solution is perfect for historical sites, religious statues, and even intricate concrete planters in urban settings.

On-Site Demonstrations: Seeing is Believing

To showcase 'Monumental's effectiveness, we've treated several statues in a local cemetery. The results are impressive, with significant improvements visible on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Our before-and-after footage highlights the stark contrast achieved with this chemical.

The Benefits of 'Monumental'

  1. Gentle yet Effective: Ideal for sensitive materials like marble, granite, and sandstone.
  2. Spray and Leave Application: Easy to use with no need for pressure washing.
  3. Cost-Effective: Minimal product usage for substantial results, enhancing service profitability.

Application Insights

When applying 'Monumental,' we emphasize careful handling around electrical outlets and delicate surfaces. Its thick, slightly slimy consistency ensures it clings to vertical surfaces, improving its cleaning efficacy.

The Economics of 'Monumental'

Considering its specialty application, services involving 'Monumental' can command higher prices. For instance, cleaning a set of statues could be priced around $800, offering high profitability due to the product's efficiency and unique application.


'Monumental' by Southeast Softwash marks a significant advancement in the care and cleaning of monuments and delicate surfaces. Its introduction is a response to the industry's need for a safer, more effective cleaning solution for historically and culturally significant sites.

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