How To Make $1000 A Day Cleaning Wood Fences (Step By Step)


In the realm of property maintenance, certain services often fly under the radar despite their potential for significant profit. One such service is fence cleaning—a task that's frequently overlooked but holds immense upsell potential. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of fence cleaning and explore how you can leverage it to maximize your revenue.

Unlocking the Opportunity:

Picture this: a real estate agent contacts you to handle house washes, driveway cleanings, and fence cleanings for three duplexes. They understand the importance of maintaining the property's pristine appearance to attract potential buyers. What's more, these duplexes are conveniently located next to each other, streamlining the job and making it highly lucrative. This scenario perfectly illustrates the untapped market and upsell potential of fence cleaning.

Essential Equipment Setup:

To embark on your fence cleaning journey, you'll need the right equipment. A reliable chemical applicator is essential for ensuring proper application of chemicals, which is crucial for achieving the stark contrast between the before and after of wood cleaning. While a soft wash system is ideal, starting with a backpack sprayer can also yield excellent results, albeit with a bit more time investment.

Choosing the Right Chemicals:

When it comes to chemicals, simplicity reigns supreme. Believe it or not, all you need for effective fence cleaning is bleach. Using it at a 3% mix can work wonders in restoring the vibrancy of wood fences. However, it's essential to educate clients about the potential for bleaching out the wood's natural color. For those seeking a more natural finish, Wood Wizard by Southeast Soft Wash offers a sodium metasilicate-based solution that preserves the wood's natural hue.

Executing the Job:

Executing a fence cleaning job is relatively straightforward. Treat the fences with a 3% bleach mix, allow them to dwell for a few minutes, then reapply to any dark spots that require additional treatment. Finally, rinse off any remaining dark spots. Wood Wizard follows a similar process but may require a bit more washing. The key is to let the chemicals do the heavy lifting while avoiding excessive pressure that could damage the wood.

Setting Competitive Prices:

Pricing for fence cleaning varies depending on factors like location, job size, and the type of fence. Rates typically range from $1 to $150 per linear foot, with a minimum price to account for various expenses. Offering discounts for cleaning both sides of the fence can incentivize clients to opt for comprehensive service.

Effective Sales Tactics:

Fence cleaning is the perfect add-on service for clients looking to enhance their property's appearance. Highlighting the visual transformation through compelling before-and-after photos and videos can effectively market the service. Leveraging these visuals in targeted advertising campaigns can attract new clients and drive sales.

In Conclusion:

Fence cleaning may be an underrated aspect of property maintenance, but its potential for profit is undeniable. By investing in the right equipment, selecting suitable chemicals like Wood Wizard from SESW, implementing competitive pricing strategies, and employing effective sales tactics, you can unlock the full potential of this often-overlooked service.

So, if you're ready to elevate your property maintenance business and boost your bottom line, don't overlook the hidden opportunity of fence cleaning. Start implementing these strategies today and watch your profits soar. Until next time, happy cleaning!

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