Softwashing Brick & Oxidation Removal


Hey guys, Coty from Southeast Soft Wash here! Today, we’re tackling a new project at an old doctor’s office complex that's being converted into church facilities and more. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive in and show you how we transform this space using some powerful cleaning techniques.

Training Opportunity: Join Our Serious Starter Event

Before we get into the details, I want to remind you about our Serious Starter Page. The first link in the description and comments will take you there. We’ve partnered with Aaron from the Lean and Mean Academy for a two-day event, and our next session is on the first Friday and Saturday of June. This is a great opportunity to learn hands-on skills. Usually, we hold these events on the last Friday and Saturday of the month, but we had to reschedule due to some conflicts. Don’t miss out!

Project Overview and Oxidation Removal

Today’s task involves cleaning up this neglected yet beautiful building. First up, let’s look at these shutters—they’re supposed to be green! The caps over the screws haven’t oxidized, but the shutters themselves have. That’s where Ox-Knox Brushless Oxidation Remover comes in. Ox-Knox is designed to effectively eliminate oxidation on various surfaces, including Vinyl, AlucoBond, Hardie Board Fiber Cement Siding, and Metal Roofing. It also removes soot and fallout, making it a versatile tool in our cleaning arsenal.

Using Ox-Knox Brushless Oxidation Remover

We’ll use Ox-Knox to bring these shutters back to life. Here’s what you need to know about using this powerful product:

  1. Adjust the Potency: You can adjust the solution’s strength based on your needs. Always follow the directions provided on the jug.
  2. Test Spot: Do a test spot before applying it to the entire surface to ensure optimal results.
  3. Caution: Avoid prolonged exposure or overly concentrated mixtures, as they can remove paint. If you want to preserve existing paint, determine the appropriate ratio or refrain from using the product.

Soft Washing the Brick and Concrete

We’ll also be soft washing the brickwork. This method is ideal for taller buildings and delicate surfaces. Check out this concrete—it’s filthy, especially where it’s exposed to the elements. We’ll demonstrate a soft wash on a section to show you the before and after results.

Safety and Technique Tips

When dealing with higher concentrations of SH (sodium hypochlorite), always wear a mask or respirator to avoid inhaling harmful fumes. Unfortunately, I left mine at the shop today, but make sure you use proper protective gear.

We’ll coat the walls and concrete with our cleaning solution, focusing on areas with heavy organic growth. After letting it sit, we’ll rinse it off to reveal like-new surfaces. We’re also careful around sensitive areas, like fresh asphalt, to prevent discoloration.

Final Steps and Progress Updates

We’ll apply a coat of our solution on the walls and concrete, making sure to cover the most affected areas. Stay tuned for progress updates! We’ll show you the transformation in real-time and share some additional tips and tricks.

Thank you for joining us on this project. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our techniques or training sessions, feel free to leave a comment or reach out. Happy cleaning, and let’s get this building looking its best!

By following these steps and using the right tools like Ox-Knox, you can achieve amazing results in your cleaning projects. Harness the power of Ox-Knox and unleash your creative potential. Wishing you successful endeavors with Ox-Knox!

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