This Tool Will Save Your Life On A Pressure Washing Job


Welcome back to the Lean to Mean Academy! In today's video, we're diving into a lucrative cleaning project that's set to net us $1000 in just a few hours. Join me, along with my colleague Ben, as we demonstrate the art and science of pressure washing in action.

Setting the Scene: We find ourselves in the most prestigious area of town, where maintaining pristine properties is a top priority for residents. Our client, whom I had serviced two years ago, still values the upkeep of their home. With a full-time nanny and regular cleaning service, they spare no expense in ensuring their property remains in top condition.

Unlock the Secrets with Our Class: Curious about our techniques, chemical usage, and how we mitigate potential risks? Dive deep into our "Softwash 101" class, crafted by industry experts Mike Vedan, Coty Yarbrough, Justin Rogers, and myself. It's your comprehensive guide to mastering the nuances of soft washing, ensuring success and profitability in your business endeavors.

Navigating Liabilities: As we tackle this project, we encounter numerous potential pitfalls that could spell disaster if not handled with care. From delicate surfaces to chemical ratios, we walk a fine line between delivering exceptional results and causing unintentional damage. It's a delicate dance that requires expertise and precision.

On-the-Job Insights: Throughout the video, you'll witness our hands-on approach to cleaning, as Ben and I navigate the intricacies of the task at hand. From safeguarding wooden surfaces to managing water runoff, every decision is informed by years of experience and a commitment to excellence.

Mitigating Risks: One critical aspect of our job is mitigating risks and minimizing potential liabilities. By understanding the properties of the surfaces we're cleaning and employing strategic techniques, we ensure that our work meets the highest standards without compromising the integrity of the client's property.

Lessons Learned: As we wrap up the project, we reflect on the valuable lessons learned and the importance of continuous improvement in our craft. From avoiding unnecessary damage to maximizing efficiency, each experience contributes to our growth and mastery of the soft washing profession.

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Final Thoughts: As Ben continues to work diligently, I'm reminded of the importance of attention to detail and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Our dedication to excellence ensures not only the success of our business but also the satisfaction of our valued clients.

Conclusion: Thank you for joining us on this journey through the intricacies of soft washing. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, there's always something new to learn and discover in this dynamic industry. Until next time, keep striving for perfection and delivering exceptional results in all your endeavors.

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