3 Pressure Washing Tools You Didnt Know You Needed


Hey everyone! I'm Justin from Forever Self-Employed, and in today's blog post, we’re diving into three incredible pressure washing tools that you never knew you needed. Joining me is Alex, a six-figure Inner Circle member, who will walk us through these essential tools. Whether you're just starting out or looking to up your game, these tools will make your jobs faster and more efficient. Let's get started!

Tool #1: Tall Reach Tip from Southeast Top Wash

First up, Alex introduces us to the Tall Reach Tip from Southeast Top Wash. This tool has quickly become a favorite for its ability to extend the reach of your pressure washer by an extra 5-10 feet compared to standard shooter tips. Its low profile design makes it convenient to use without feeling bulky.

  • What It Is: A high-reach pressure washer tip
  • Benefits: Extends reach by 5-10 feet, compact design
  • Ideal For: Reaching high areas on houses without needing a ladder

Tool #2: Sludge Sucker

Next, Alex brings out the Sludge Sucker, a somewhat unconventional yet highly effective piece of equipment. Utilizing the Venturi effect, it transforms your pressure washer into a powerful vacuum. This tool is perfect for dealing with low spots on driveways and removing dirty water without the hassle of waiting for it to dry.

  • What It Is: A vacuum attachment for your pressure washer
  • Benefits: Removes water quickly, prevents mess, cost-effective alternative to larger reclaim systems
  • Ideal For: Areas with poor drainage, low spots on driveways

Tool #3: Remote Downstream Injector Bypass

Saving the best for last, Alex showcases the Remote Downstream Injector Bypass, also known as the Flow Pro. This tool is a game-changer for those using high-capacity pressure washers. It allows you to switch between chemical and water with the push of a button, saving you significant time and effort.

  • What It Is: A remote control for your chemical injector
  • Benefits: Switch between chemical and water remotely, saves up to an hour daily
  • Ideal For: Efficient chemical management, high-capacity pressure washers


These three tools – the Tall Reach Tip, Sludge Sucker, and Flow Pro – are essential for anyone serious about pressure washing. They not only enhance your efficiency but also improve the overall quality of your work. If you’re looking to elevate your pressure washing game, these tools are a must-have.

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