3 Tips To Pressure Wash Driveways Faster


What’s up everybody! My name is Justin from Forever Self-Employed. In today's post, I'll share three tips to help you pressure wash driveways faster. Stick around till the end for a bonus tip that will significantly enhance your efficiency. This advice is inspired by my recent trip to South Carolina, where I watched my buddy Alex tackle a driveway cleaning.

If you're eager to master cleaning every surface on a residential job site, check out the How to Wash Course linked in the comments and description. It covers everything from chemical mixes to equipment setup, property protection, and efficient workflows. Plus, there's a coupon code to save you some bucks!

Now, let’s dive into the tips:

Tip 1: Blow Off Debris First

This might seem obvious, but it’s essential to clear the driveway of any debris like leaves, pine cones, and pine needles before you start pressure washing. A clean surface will prevent your service cleaner from getting clogged, allowing you to work much faster. Keep a portable blower on your truck to make this task quick and efficient.

Tip 2: Use Chemicals

I didn’t use chemicals for a long time, but they can make a big difference in cleaning speed. Pre-treating the driveway with chemicals helps kill organic growth, making the pressure washing process quicker. Post-treating can eliminate any remaining organic matter and prevent lines on the concrete. Though it adds some cost, the time saved is worth it.

Tip 3: Have a Helper for Hose Management

Having an extra person to help with hose management can speed up the job significantly. They can assist with blowing off the driveway, managing hoses, and providing an extra set of eyes on the property. While some might argue it's not cost-effective, the efficiency gained can outweigh the costs, especially if you aim to complete more jobs in less time.

Bonus Tip: Upgrade Your Equipment

The higher the gallons per minute (GPM) on your pressure washer, the faster you can clean. A higher GPM allows you to use a larger surface cleaner, which covers more area quickly. Upgrading from a lower GPM machine to a higher one can drastically reduce your cleaning time.

Pro Tip: For optimal performance, match your surface cleaner size to your pressure washer's GPM. For example, a 4-inch cleaner per 1 GPM is a good rule of thumb. You can use larger cleaners with smaller GPMs, but you’ll need to move slower.

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