$500 An Hour Pressure Washing Luxury Homes


In the competitive world of home cleaning services, mastering the art of high-end cleaning is both a science and an art. Coty, from Southeast Softwash, takes us behind the scenes on a typical day of upscale home cleaning in Nashville, Tennessee. From property mitigation strategies to marketing tactics, Coty shares insights that have helped him build a successful business in the industry.

The Importance of Property Mitigation

As Coty walks us through the intricate details of a multi-million-dollar home, he emphasizes the significance of property mitigation. From protecting wooden doors to understanding the effects of weathering on exteriors, Coty showcases the attention to detail required for high-end cleaning projects.

Leveraging Google My Business (GMB) Leads

Coty reveals the power of Google My Business leads in driving business growth. With a strong website backing up his GMB profile, Coty demonstrates how an effective online presence can attract lucrative clients and propel business success.

Technical Expertise in Action

From clearing wooden doors to using specialized equipment for cleaning screens, Coty demonstrates his technical prowess. His meticulous approach ensures thorough cleaning without causing damage to delicate surfaces.

Marketing Mastery

Coty shares insights into the marketing strategies that have propelled his business to success. He emphasizes the importance of building trust and delivering exceptional service to clients, resulting in repeat business and referrals.

Year Two Success: Reaping the Benefits

Reflecting on his journey, Coty discusses the rewards of implementing marketing strategies over time. He shares how year two in business brings about a shift in acquiring high-ticket clients and achieving substantial growth.

Conclusion: Elevating the Cleaning Experience

As Coty wraps up the day's work, he leaves us with valuable lessons in mastering high-end home cleaning. From property mitigation to marketing mastery, Coty's approach offers a blueprint for success in the competitive cleaning industry.

For those looking to elevate their cleaning business to new heights, Coty recommends exploring the SESW Softwash 101 Class. This comprehensive course offers in-depth insights and practical techniques for mastering the art of soft washing. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the industry, the SESW Softwash 101 Class is a valuable resource for taking your business to the next level.

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