Customer Asked Us To Clean Grave Stones


As professional exterior cleaners, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards of care and effectiveness in our work. Today, we're excited to introduce a breakthrough product from Southeast Softwash: Monu-Mental Gravestone Cleaner. This innovative solution is designed to safely and effectively clean monuments, tombstones, sculptures, government buildings, and more, tackling algae, lichens, moss, fungus, and mildews with ease.

Why Choose Monu-Mental Gravestone Cleaner?

We've all taken the washer's Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no harm." Using high-pressure washers or harsh tools like wire brushes on delicate gravestones can cause irreversible damage. Even common cleaners like bleach, laden with salts, can deteriorate stone surfaces over time.

Fortunately, the research team at Southeast Softwash has developed Monu-Mental, a spray-and-walk-away product that requires no pressure, brushing, prayer, or rain dance to achieve outstanding results. Rain actually helps accelerate the cleaning process, making mother nature your ally.

Key Benefits of Monu-Mental Gravestone Cleaner:

  • Safe and Effective: Designed specifically to avoid damage to delicate surfaces.
  • Versatile: Ideal for monuments, tombstones, sculptures, government buildings, and more.
  • Easy to Use: Spray and walk away—no need for high pressure or harsh scrubbing.
  • Super Concentrate: Can be used straight or diluted based on the severity of the job.

Monu-Mental is a game-changer for professional exterior cleaners looking to expand their service offerings. Use it for maintenance cleanings a few times a year to keep surfaces looking their best.

Real-Life Application: Gravestone Cleaning

Let me share a recent experience with a customer who asked us to clean gravestones. Initially, we were unsure about the process, but this niche service turned out to be both rewarding and eye-opening. We used Monu-Mental Gravestone Cleaner, which proved incredibly effective in removing organic growth without damaging the stones.

If you're thinking about expanding your pressure washing business, niche services like gravestone cleaning can open up new opportunities. Charging by the hour, we completed the job efficiently and gained valuable before-and-after pictures for our marketing materials.

Blog Post:

Should You Worry About Competition When Starting Your Business?

Starting a new business can be daunting, especially when you see established competitors in your area. In today's discussion, we address this common concern and explore how to navigate competition effectively.

Don't Fear the Competition

Should you be worried about all the competition in your area before starting your business? Let's think about major fast-food chains like In-N-Out Burger or Wendy's. Did they hold back because McDonald's or Burger King were already established? Absolutely not. They identified a niche, saw a need, and had the courage to pursue their dreams. The same applies to you. Competition is a constant in every aspect of life, from job applications to business ventures. Instead of shying away, use your competition as a learning opportunity. Understand what customers dislike about the "big guys" and build your business around providing a superior, more personalized service.

The Myth of the Perfect Business Opportunity

Many people wait for the "perfect" business opportunity—low competition, high demand, and all ducks in a row. The reality? That doesn't exist. It's 2024, and the internet ensures that any viable business idea is already being pursued by others. Instead of waiting for the ideal moment, recognize that competition indicates demand. Embrace it and carve out your unique space in the market.

Practical Steps to Start Strong

If you're hesitant about starting an LLC or worried about initial costs, remember these are minor expenses in the grand scheme. An LLC protects your personal assets and can be set up for under $100 if you handle the paperwork yourself. Liability insurance and a CRM system, like Quote IQ, are essential investments that pay for themselves through the business they help you secure.

One of our clients recently shared his experience of wanting a high-end surface cleaner. Instead of buying it outright, he waited for a lucrative commercial job to fund the purchase. This mindset ensures that your business grows sustainably, with each job funding the next phase of your development.

Take the Leap

Being half-in and half-out won't get you anywhere. Commit fully to your business, invest in the right tools and protections, and use your competition as a benchmark to continually improve. The people who take the biggest risks often reap the biggest rewards. So, if you're on the fence, take the leap. You might fail, but you'll also learn, adapt, and eventually succeed.


Expanding your pressure washing business with niche services like gravestone cleaning can set you apart from the competition. Monu-Mental Gravestone Cleaner from Southeast Softwash is an excellent product to help you achieve outstanding results safely and effectively.

Ready to enhance your cleaning services? Check out the Southeast Softwash Monu-Mental Gravestone Cleaner now and take your business to the next level!

For more insights and tips on expanding your pressure washing business, stay tuned and keep hustling. Until next time, hustle hard and get that money, baby! Peace.

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