Hot Water VS Cold Water Pressure Washers


Welcome back to the Lean Mean Academy, where we emphasize maximizing profits with just one truck! Today, we're addressing a common query among new entrants in the pressure washing industry: the necessity of a hot water unit for cleaning residential homes.

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Now, let's tackle the hot water unit debate.

Do You Really Need a Hot Water Unit?

Many newcomers in the pressure washing scene often ponder over the need for a hot water unit. While it might seem like an attractive addition, it's essential to assess its necessity based on the nature of your jobs.

When It's Overkill

If you're starting and focusing primarily on residential properties, small establishments, and standard concrete cleaning, a hot water unit might be overkill. For these tasks, a regular four-gallon-per-minute unit should suffice. After all, the goal is to start making money without unnecessary overheads.

When It's Essential

However, there are specific scenarios where a hot water unit becomes indispensable. This is particularly true for cleaning tasks involving substantial oil and grease, such as dumpster pads, grease trap areas, and fast-food drive-throughs. In these cases, the hot water works in tandem with degreasers to effectively loosen and remove oil from surfaces like concrete.

Commercial and Recurring Work

For those aiming to branch out into commercial pressure washing — think fast food restaurants, parking lots, and retail establishments like Home Depot — a hot water unit becomes a valuable asset. It enables you to tackle heavy-duty cleaning tasks that a standard unit might not handle as effectively.

Your Path Forward

In conclusion, while a hot water unit is a significant investment, its necessity largely depends on the specific services you intend to offer. For residential and light commercial work, it might be more than you need. However, if you're aiming for the commercial sector with more demanding cleaning requirements, it becomes a worthwhile investment.

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See you in the next video, and here's to your success in the pressure washing business!

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