How To Make $1000 A Day Commercial Pressure Washing


You can make a ton of money doing commercial pressure washing jobs, and in this post, we're going to cover every facet of this type of work. From setup to breakdown, how to get these jobs, how to quote them, and the crucial tools you need, we have it all. We’ll also demonstrate some powerful features of Quote IQ, such as the 28-point inspection for pre-job walkthroughs, the measuring tool for quoting, and the invoicing tool. Plus, you’ll see Quote IQ’s newest feature, the virtual call team, which helped us land another hospital cleaning lead.

If you want access to all these features, you can try any tier of Quote IQ for just $1 right now at Without further ado, let's dive into the guide.

On-Site Setup and Inspection

When we arrive at a commercial property, the first thing we do is a thorough walk-around to inspect the building's condition. We look for any areas that should not be sprayed with water due to potential water damage. Once we’ve ensured everything is in order, we start setting up, hooking up water and filling our tanks.

Property Walk-Around and Potential Issues

Before starting, we take a detailed walk-around to identify any potential problems. Our scope of work includes cleaning sidewalks, windows, and some specific areas of the building. Planning the cleaning process and identifying problem areas like electrical outlets, cameras, and sensitive materials are essential steps.

Essential Tools and Techniques

Every commercial pressure washing job requires specific tools. A must-have is a water key, which is essential for accessing water supplies in commercial buildings. Having these tools on hand prevents delays, especially when working after hours.

Job Quoting and Customer Interaction

Quoting for commercial jobs involves measuring the property and sometimes visiting the site. For smaller properties, we might quote using Quote IQ and images sent by the customer. For larger jobs, like hospitals, an on-site visit is crucial to make a good impression.

Dealing with Common Issues

During cleaning, some issues like dirt dauber nests and chemical reactions with metal window frames can occur. Setting proper expectations with the customer and taking preventative measures, such as pre-wetting surfaces, are critical for a successful job.

Documentation and Customer Satisfaction

We always document our work with before and after photos, especially for larger commercial jobs. Walking the property with the customer after the job ensures their satisfaction and allows us to address any missed spots immediately.

Upselling Opportunities

While on-site, always look for upsell opportunities. For instance, noticing that a parking lot needs re-striping can add significant value to the service provided and increase your earnings.

Continuous Learning and Growth

If you’re looking to expand your skills and services, we recommend checking out the SESW Softwash 101 class. It’s an excellent resource for learning new techniques and improving your business.


Commercial pressure washing can be highly profitable when done right. With the right tools, techniques, and customer interactions, you can maximize your earnings. Remember to always look for upselling opportunities and keep learning to stay ahead in the business.

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