What's up, everybody? Justin here from Forever Self-Employed. Today, we're diving into a game-changer for cleaning professionals: the OX-KNOX Brushless Oxidation Remover. Joining me is Ray Natario from Clean Home Power Washing, North Carolina. Together, we're exploring how you can make up to $400 an hour removing oxidation efficiently and effectively.

Why OX-KNOX is a Must-Have for Professionals

OX-KNOX Brushless Oxidation Remover is specifically formulated to tackle oxidation on various surfaces, including vinyl, AlucoBond, Hardie Board Fiber Cement Siding, and metal roofing. It's also great for removing soot and fallout. With clear instructions on the jug and adjustable potency, OX-KNOX is a versatile tool in any professional's arsenal.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective on multiple surfaces
  • Adjustable strength
  • Clear usage instructions
  • Prepares surfaces for flawless paint application

Identifying Oxidation

Ray explains that the first step in oxidation removal is proper identification. Look for chalkiness on the sunny side of the house, as UV exposure is the main culprit. Use the "rub test" to confirm—if you see white, chalky residue on your hand, you’ve got oxidation.

Pro Tip: Even after rain, you can identify oxidation by looking for dry spots under soffits or using the rub test.

Upselling Oxidation Removal

Oxidation removal can be a lucrative upsell to a standard house wash. Explain to customers the causes of oxidation, such as UV exposure, acid rain, or previous improper cleaning. Demonstrate the issue with the rub test and present OX-KNOX as the solution.

Pricing Strategy: For a typical 2,500 square foot house, charge around $200 per side, adjusting based on time, material, and job complexity.

Step-by-Step Oxidation Removal with OX-KNOX

  1. Preparation: Wet the surface lightly to cool it down.
  2. Mixing: Start with a mix of four parts water to one part OX-KNOX, adjusting for heavier oxidation.
  3. Application: Apply the solution from the bottom up and let it dwell for 5-6 minutes.
  4. Reapplication: Apply another coat before the first dries completely.
  5. Rinsing: Use a moderate pressure soap tip to rinse, ensuring you remove oxidation layer by layer.

Safety Precautions:

  • Protect vegetation and painted surfaces.
  • Tape off keyholes and door locks to prevent caustic damage.
  • Ensure all windows are closed tightly.


OX-KNOX Brushless Oxidation Remover is a powerful tool that can significantly boost your cleaning business's profitability. By understanding how to identify, upsell, and safely apply the product, you can offer exceptional service to your clients and command premium rates.

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