How To Mix Bleach For Pressure Washing


The Ultimate Guide to Mixing Bleach for Pressure Washing: Maximize Efficiency and Safety

In the dynamic world of pressure washing, understanding the nuances of mixing bleach is crucial for both the efficacy of your cleaning projects and the safety of the surfaces you're treating. Today, we're diving deep into a foolproof method for creating the perfect bleach mix, ensuring you avoid property damage and chemical waste—two pitfalls every pressure washer aims to sidestep.

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Navigating Chemical Mixes with Ease: The cornerstone of today's discussion is a revolutionary free tool that simplifies the process of calculating precise bleach-to-water ratios for any project. Introducing the batch mix chemical calculator from QuoteIQ—a free, versatile platform that not only helps with estimates, invoices, and customer management but also comes equipped with this invaluable calculator.

How Does It Work? This calculator is designed for those mixing chemicals in buckets, backpack sprayers, or tanks. With fields for target percentage, SH concentration, and tank size, it effortlessly computes the necessary volumes of water and bleach for your desired mix strength. Whether you're tackling stucco, shingle siding, or brick, the accompanying ratio chart offers guidance on the optimal mix strength for various surfaces, ensuring effective cleaning without risking damage.

Example Scenarios:

  • For a standard house wash requiring a 1.5% mix and using 12% SH in a 5-gallon tank, you'll need 4.4 gallons of water and 0.6 gallons of bleach.
  • Switching to a roof wash at a 5% mix still with 12% SH, but this time in a 100-gallon tank, the calculator specifies 58.3 gallons of water and 41.7 gallons of SH.

The versatility of this tool extends to any tank size and mix strength, providing precise measurements to streamline your workflow and safeguard against common mixing errors.

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For those who've found value in this guide, remember to comment "SH" below, and hit the thumbs up to support. Here's to mastering the art of pressure washing with precision and care. Until next time, hustle hard and reap the rewards.

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