How to Remove Oxidation on Vinyl Siding Without Brushing

This article explores the effective use of Ox Nox, a specialized cleaning agent, to remove oxidation from vinyl siding, enhancing its appearance and longevity without the need for manual brushing. 



Vinyl siding is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its durability and low maintenance. However, over time, vinyl siding can become oxidized, resulting in a dull and faded appearance. In this article, we will discuss how to remove oxidation on vinyl siding without the need for brushing.

The Importance of Oxidation Removal

Oxidation occurs when the vinyl siding is exposed to the elements, such as sunlight and moisture. This can cause the siding to lose its color and become discolored. Removing oxidation not only improves the appearance of the siding but also helps to prolong its lifespan.

Introducing Ox Nox

One effective solution for removing oxidation on vinyl siding is Ox Nox. Ox Nox is a powerful cleaning agent specifically designed to tackle oxidation on various surfaces, including vinyl siding. It contains surfactants that help the solution stick to the surface and remove oxidation effectively.

Using a Battery-Powered Sprayer

To apply Ox Nox to the vinyl siding, Cody from Southeast South Washington starts off the video by introducing the tools he will be using for the job - a Mini Pro skid and a battery-powered sprayer. He mentions that the sprayer is convenient because it allows him to adjust the potency of the solution on the fly. Cody also highlights the benefits of using interchangeable containers, which allow him to keep segregated chemicals on the truck.

Cody expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming project, as he has found a vinyl-sided house with severe oxidation that will serve as a great example for his full-length video on oxidation and vinyl siding. He explains that he chose a light-colored vinyl siding to provide good contrast and showcase the effectiveness of Ox Nox.

Cody demonstrates how to use the battery-powered sprayer, which has a variable tip that allows him to switch between a pencil stream and a fan. He mentions that the sprayer is powered by a BD M12 battery, which provides hours of runtime. Cody emphasizes the importance of having dedicated containers for different chemicals to avoid cross-contamination and comply with OSHA regulations.

After preparing the sprayer, Cody applies the Ox Nox solution to the vinyl siding. He notes that the solution contains surfactants that help it stick to the surface and remove oxidation effectively. Within seconds, Cody observes oxidation running off the siding, demonstrating the immediate results of Ox Nox.

Cody takes a moment to let the solution dwell on the siding before rinsing it off. He explains that a little bit of moisture may get into the gaps between the vinyl siding during rinsing, but it is nothing to worry about. After allowing the treated area to dry, Cody showcases the impressive results. The corner that was treated with Ox Nox is oxidation-free, while the untreated area still shows signs of oxidation.

Cody concludes the video by expressing his satisfaction with the results and his excitement for the full-length video that will cover the entire house. He emphasizes the impact that Ox Nox can have on improving the appearance of vinyl siding and encourages viewers to stay tuned for more videos showcasing the effectiveness of Ox Nox.


Removing oxidation from vinyl siding is essential to maintain its appearance and prolong its lifespan. Ox Nox is a powerful cleaning agent specifically designed to tackle oxidation on vinyl siding. By using a battery-powered sprayer and following the proper application techniques, homeowners can easily remove oxidation and restore the beauty of their vinyl siding. Stay tuned for more videos from Cody as he showcases the impressive results of Ox Nox on different surfaces.

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