How To Start A Gutter Cleaning Business (Step By Step)


What's up, everybody! Justin here from Forever Self-Employed, and today I'm joined by a special guest, Mike from All About Pressure Washing. We're on set at a job, and we want to talk about adding gutter cleaning to your pressure washing business or any other existing business you have.

But first, let’s talk about a game-changing product: SESW Gutter Guard. This powerful gutter cleaning chemical is designed to be cost-effective and highly efficient at removing black stripes on gutters.

How to Use SESW Gutter Guard:

  1. Dilution: Dilute Gutter Guard two parts water to one part product, or up to three parts water to one part product.
  2. Application: Wet down the gutter with the ready-to-use solution, or apply a more concentrated solution using your pressure washer chemical injector.
  3. Rinse: Rinse off with lower pressure. On heavily soiled areas, light brushing with a soft brush may be necessary.

SESW Gutter Guard is super concentrated, making it attractive for shipping and cost-efficient.

Why Add Gutter Cleaning to Your Business?

Mike Explains: Adding gutter cleaning is a no-brainer. Most houses have gutters, and it's an easy upsell while you're already at the property. It’s a low-cost entry service that can significantly boost your revenue.

Licensing and Insurance:

  • Licenses: Check with your local municipalities as requirements vary.
  • Insurance: General liability insurance is a must, and workers' compensation is recommended if you have employees.

Equipment Needed for Gutter Cleaning

The beauty of gutter cleaning is that it requires minimal, inexpensive equipment:

  • Ladders: Multiple sizes, including extension ladders.
  • Cleanup Tools: Buckets, trash bags, and landscape bags.
  • Tarps: To catch debris and expedite cleanup.
  • Blowers: Handheld or backpack blowers to clear out gutters and downspouts.
  • Pressure Washer: For flushing out gutters.
  • Gloves and Gutter Scoops: Heavy-duty gloves and plastic gutter scoops for safe and efficient cleaning.

Cleaning from the Roof

Cleaning gutters from the roof can be faster but should only be done if the roof is safe and walkable. Avoid this method on steep or two-story roofs to ensure safety.

Ladder Safety

Ladder falls are a major safety concern. Always use standoffs to stabilize your ladder and ensure secure footing. Safety is paramount; no job is worth risking your health.

Pricing Gutter Cleaning Jobs

Use tools like Quote IQ to streamline the quoting process. Measure the linear footage of the gutters and apply your rate. For example, if a property has 271 linear feet of gutters, at $1 per foot, the job would be priced at $271.

Selling Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning is often sold as an upsell rather than a standalone service. When quoting a house wash or roof cleaning, offer gutter cleaning as an additional service. It’s a great way to increase your ticket size and maximize profitability.


Adding gutter cleaning to your business is a smart move that can significantly boost your profits with minimal investment. SESW Gutter Guard makes the job easier with its highly effective and cost-efficient formula. Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity!

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