Mastering Concrete Cleaning. Pre-Treating, Post-Treating, or None?


Introduction: The Concrete Conundrum

In the realm of pressure washing, few topics spark as much debate as the question of treating concrete surfaces. Join Mike on a journey through the nuances of pre-treating, post-treating, or skipping treatment altogether, and uncover the secrets to achieving pristine concrete cleanliness.

The Treatment Trio: Pre, Post, or None?

As Mike dives into the intricacies of concrete cleaning, he explores the three main options: pre-treating, post-treating, or forgoing treatment entirely. With varying perspectives and approaches, each method offers unique benefits and considerations.

Pre-Treating: Unveiling the Power of Preparation

Pre-treating, the first option on the table, involves applying a bleach and water mixture to concrete surfaces before cleaning. This proactive approach serves to kill organic matter, loosen stains, and enhance the efficiency of surface cleaning, laying the foundation for remarkable results.

Post-Treating: A Finishing Touch of Brilliance

On the flip side, post-treating offers a compelling solution for addressing residual stains and imperfections after surface cleaning. By applying a bleach mixture post-cleaning, pressure washing professionals can lighten stubborn marks and achieve a flawless finish, earning praise from satisfied clients.

No Treatment: Debating the Chemical-Free Approach

For those wary of chemical treatments, the option of skipping treatment altogether may seem appealing. However, as Mike highlights, opting out of treatment leaves concrete surfaces vulnerable to organic regrowth, diminishing the longevity of cleanliness and visual appeal.

The Super Seal Solution: Elevating Concrete Protection

Amidst the debate, one product emerges as a game-changer in the realm of concrete protection: Super Seal Water-Based Siloxane Concrete Sealer. With its innovative formula and powerful repellent properties, Super Seal combats moisture, limits dirt accumulation, and enhances the longevity of concrete surfaces.

Unlocking Super Seal Advantages:

  • Easy Application: Super Seal's single-step application process ensures effortless protection for various masonry surfaces.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Experience years of safeguarding against freeze-thaw cycles, organic growth, and environmental factors.
  • Visible Results: Witness the transformative power of Super Seal as water beads on treated surfaces, showcasing its unparalleled sealing capabilities.

Expert Insights and Recommendations

As Mike shares his expertise, he emphasizes the importance of understanding the nuances of chemical treatments and their implications for concrete cleaning. Whether pre-treating, post-treating, or opting for no treatment, thorough knowledge and careful application are key to success.

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Elevate Your Concrete Protection with Super Seal

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