One Thing You NEVER Want To Skip On Pressure Washing Jobs


When it comes to delivering top-notch pressure washing services, starting with a comprehensive pre-inspection walkthrough is essential. This step not only helps identify potential issues but also protects your business from unnecessary liabilities. Join us as we follow Mac through a detailed pre-inspection process and learn how it can maximize your efficiency and profitability.

The Importance of Pre-Inspection

Every job begins with a meticulous pre-inspection. This crucial step ensures everything runs smoothly, avoids costly mistakes, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Step-by-Step Pre-Inspection Process

1. Initial Setup

Upon arrival, Mac knocks to see if anyone is home and begins the pre-inspection. He starts by setting up the inspection form, including taking a photo of the house and noting the property address along with customer information like email and phone number.

2. Identifying Pre-Existing Conditions

Mac meticulously checks for any pre-existing conditions. This includes inspecting for rot, paint chipping, clogged gutters, dirty roofs, and driveways that need attention. Documenting these issues prevents being wrongly held accountable and also provides opportunities for upsells.

3. Window and Screen Checks

One of the critical aspects Mac focuses on is the condition of windows and screens. Cracked or open windows can lead to significant issues if water or bleach gets inside, potentially damaging interiors and costing your business.

4. Moving Obstructive Items

Before starting the job, any items that could get damaged are moved. This ensures thorough cleaning and protects customer property, reflecting your professionalism and attention to detail.

Benefits of a Thorough Pre-Inspection

1. Efficiency: Knowing the property layout and potential problem areas beforehand allows for a smoother, quicker job.

2. Customer Trust: Documenting pre-existing conditions builds trust with your clients, showing them that you are thorough and transparent.

3. Revenue Opportunities: Identifying additional cleaning needs provides a chance to upsell services, increasing your revenue per job.

4. Liability Protection: By documenting everything, you protect your business from false claims and disputes, safeguarding your reputation and finances.

Enhance Your Pre-Inspection Process with Quote IQ

Using tools like the Quote IQ app can further streamline your pre-inspection process. Features include:

  • 28-Point Inspection Checklist: Ensure nothing is missed during your walkthrough.
  • Photo Documentation: Easily upload and store photos of pre-existing conditions.
  • Customer Communication: Send detailed inspection reports directly to clients.
  • Upsell Opportunities: Identify and quote additional services on the spot.

Try Quote IQ for free for your first month and experience all the benefits, including InstaQuote, InstaSchedule, and more.

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A thorough pre-inspection walkthrough is more than just a procedural step; it's a strategic approach to running a more efficient, profitable, and professional pressure washing business. By taking the time to identify and document pre-existing conditions, moving obstructive items, and using the right tools, you can protect your business, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your bottom line.

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Thank you for joining us at the Lean Mean Academy, where we focus on “One Truck, Big Profits.” Stay tuned for more tips and insights to help you grow your pressure washing business. Until next time, hustle hard and keep those profits rolling in!

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