Restaurant Grease VS Dynamite Degreaser 🧨


Hey YouTube! If you're in the South like us, you know that fried chicken is a staple—especially for us Baptists. This morning, we’re diving into a cleaning project at a local fried chicken drive-thru that's only been open for about a year. Despite its age, the place is already showing signs of heavy use, particularly with food grease and oil stains on the concrete.

When I drove by recently, I noticed how dirty the area where food gets handed out was. To tackle this, I brought out the big guns: Dynamite Degreaser. I’ve already cleaned half of it so you can see the difference. And let me tell you, this stuff is incredible.

Why Dynamite Degreaser?

This drive-thru pad had some serious oil stains—from automotive oil to what’s likely peanut oil used for frying. I applied a 50/50 mix of Dynamite Degreaser with a cold water machine and let it sit for about 20 minutes. The results speak for themselves: the red stucco practically popped back to life.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the cleaning process:

  1. Application: Used a brand-new pump sprayer to apply the degreaser.
  2. Dwell Time: Let it sit for 20 minutes for optimal results.
  3. Cold Water Rinse: Even without hot water, the degreaser worked wonders.

I also shared before and after photos in our Southeast Softwash Chemical Experts Group on Facebook. If you’re in the business, join us! Just keep it professional, and you’re in.

Equipment Spotlight: The Boss Skid

Check out this rig! We’ve just finished setting up our first hot water capable system. This 8-gallon-a-minute washer can handle both hot and cold water, giving you options based on the job’s needs. While we didn’t need the burner for this job, it’s a game-changer for tougher, older stains.

Here are some features of the Boss Skid:

  • 18-inch pressure line reel
  • 24-volt system (future super pump potential)
  • Tucker water filtration for pure water cleaning
  • 100-gallon water and bleach tanks
  • Pure Water window cleaning system
  • Smart string capabilities for versatile cleaning

Conclusion: Dynamite Degreaser – A Must-Have for Pressure Washing Pros

This cleaning session at the fried chicken drive-thru proves that Dynamite Degreaser is a must-have for any serious pressure washing professional. Whether you’re dealing with food grease, automotive oil, or rubber scrub marks, this product delivers.

Remember, don’t breathe it, huff it, or drink it—just put it on some grime and watch it work its magic. Check out Dynamite Degreaser on the Southeast Softwash website and elevate your cleaning game today.

Peace out, and happy cleaning!

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