Super8 vs 3 Story Hotel


Hey everyone, Cody here from Southeast Softwash. Today, I’m thrilled to share an update on our game-changing Super Eight Softwash Pump. Let's dive in and see what this powerful tool can do for your cleaning business!

A Closer Look at the Super Eight

Our Super Eight is a single shaft, 24-volt powered softwash pump designed for efficiency and power. We're nearing the finish line on this project, and it's almost ready to ship out to all of you who have pre-ordered. We appreciate your patience and promise it’s worth the wait!

For those interested in securing one, the pre-order link is down below. Get in line to add this impressive pump to your toolkit!

Performance Test: Shooting a Three-Story Hotel

To give you a real sense of its power, we tested the Super Eight on a standard three-story LaQuinta hotel. This setup provides a great analog for height and performance.

  • Hotel Exterior: We shot water up the three stories, reaching a bit more than halfway up the roofline. While the Super Eight can handle a lot, the Sweet 16 model might be needed for full roof coverage.

  • Powerful Spray: The pump, when used with a traditional softwash wand, delivered consistent and robust performance. Even with the fan tip removed and just an open Quick Connect, it maintained impressive height and power.

Key Features

  • 24-Volt Power: Efficient and powerful, perfect for both residential and commercial jobs.
  • Single Shaft Design: Simplified but effective, making maintenance easier and ensuring reliability.
  • Compact and Effective: Despite being the "baby brother" to the Sweet 16, the Super Eight packs a punch and can handle most tasks with ease.

Ready to Order?

Both the Super Eight and the Sweet 16 are available for pre-order. Don't miss out on these revolutionary tools designed to elevate your cleaning business. Check the links down below to place your order and get ready to experience the power of Southeast Softwash.

Pre-Order Your Super Eight Softwash Pump: Get ahead of the game and secure your Super Eight Softwash Pump today. Click here to pre-order.

Upgrade to the Sweet 16: Need even more power? Check out our Sweet 16 model here.

Stay tuned for more updates and videos showcasing the capabilities of our top-notch softwash pumps. Until next time, keep your cleaning game strong with Southeast Softwash!

Whether you're tackling residential or commercial projects, the Super Eight Softwash Pump is here to make your job easier and more efficient. Pre-order yours now and see the difference for yourself!

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