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Get it here : More footage of the super-pump here:    • Introducing Super-Pump   Revolutionary, Game changer, Ground-Breaking… Cliche? Only if it’s not true. The SKUNK TEAM was tasked with creating the final solution for the soft-wash industry, and after 18 months of R&D in their lair, they emerged with a truly state of the art total wash system! When we looked at the industry trends over the last decade one thing stood clear as a common theme. The professional wash tech was always sacrificing something no matter what pump setup he chose. The venerable 12v system has a lot of good going for it, (which is why its always been our favorite) Affordable, easy to replace, and low maintenance costs were all a winning recipe. But the performance of a 12v 5 or 7 gpm soft wash system does leave a lot be desired. Some guys turn to 110v booster pumps in a quest for more flow and power. That is until they factor in the higher initial cost, plus a generator to run it, endless maintenance and a graveyard of them out behind their shed. When a booster pump goes down you just lost that day of run time. And the performance isn’t really blowing anyway….. The juice definitely not worth the squeeze. Air diaphragm pumps gained some popularity in the early 2000s’. These really shine in the maintenance department, but nothing is trouble free, and don’t forget you’ve got to have a gas powered air compressor to run it. Even then your power level isn’t really super sayian anyway. About 3 years ago gas powered systems aka “roof pumps” became all the rage. Its no secret that our hatred for gas powered setups knows no bounds. Expensive, heavy on maintenance, and catastrophic failures, and throwing so much chem the EPA has a mini-stroke, these are the absolute worst of all options. We get it, we’ve all got a little Tim the Tool Man Taylor down inside somewhere. But what if we could get high performance, low maintenance and moderate cost all in one pump? The HOLY GRAIL of systems. Enter SUPER PUMP! All of the ease of an electric system, the ability to do a complete pump swap in under 1 minute with no tools needed, and 16gpm of raw power! Yes Please! This beast is hitting over 5 stories, and able to shoot right at 80 feet, unheard of numbers in the washing world. Before you say it let me also mention that there is no wasting of chems with this baby, because of the revolutionary speed control system available thats also available for the super pump. With 3 setting options, you are always in control. Low =7ish gpm. Med = 11ish gpm and High= sweet 16gpm. Personally we like to apply chem at low or medium power, then crank it up to full power for rinsing. Paired with your easy to setup 24v battery bank and you are off to washing heaven. Its truly never been easier! 24 volt 16 gpm max This sale is for the pump only. The additional add-on of the motor speed controller will be an additional cost and a separate product we will have available soon.
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