You’ve Been Pressure Washing This WRONG (Must Watch)


Welcome back to the Lean Mean Academy! Today, we're diving into the world of screen cleaning with expert insights from Ben Wilson. Join us as we learn the secrets to streakless screens and uncover essential tips for tackling enclosed screen porches and patios.

Introduction: As we embark on another cleaning adventure, we're joined by the knowledgeable Ben Wilson, ready to impart his wisdom on the art of screen cleaning. From enclosed screen porches to outdoor patios, Ben's expertise promises to revolutionize your approach to cleaning screens. Let's jump in and uncover the secrets to pristine, streak-free results.

On-Site Insights: Standing on-site at a stunning home, Ben wastes no time diving into the task at hand. With his trusty equipment in tow, including the Smart Stream and Smart Blend, Ben prepares to tackle the cleaning of an enclosed screen porch and adjacent patio. But before we delve into the cleaning process, Ben offers a valuable reminder for aspiring entrepreneurs—a shoutout to the comprehensive "How to Wash" course developed by industry experts Mike Vidan, Justin Rogers, Coty Yarbrough, and himself. With a promise of unmatched ROI, this course equips budding entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the cleaning industry.

Pro Tip: The Secret to Streakless Screens: As Ben gears up to clean the enclosed screens, he drops a game-changing pro tip for achieving streak-free results. Emphasizing the importance of never using high pressure on screens to avoid damage, Ben reveals the secret to streakless screens: blowing them out with a blower after washing. This simple yet effective technique ensures that screens remain pristine, free from unsightly streaks—a hallmark of professional screen cleaning.

Conclusion: Armed with Ben's expert advice and insider tips, you're now equipped to tackle screen cleaning like a seasoned professional. Whether you're cleaning enclosed screen porches or outdoor patios, remember to prioritize safety, technique, and the use of quality equipment and products. And for those eager to dive deeper into the world of cleaning entrepreneurship, don't forget to check out the "How to Wash" course for comprehensive training and invaluable insights.

Ready to elevate your screen cleaning game? Explore our selection of top-quality equipment and products at, curated by industry experts for maximum performance and results. Here's to streak-free screens and a cleaner, brighter future in the cleaning industry!

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