How Much To Charge For Dumpster Pad Cleaning


In today's session, we're sitting down with Mike, a successful entrepreneur pulling in a whopping $300,000 per year specializing in dumpster pad cleaning. Mike spills the beans on pricing, service frequency, and clever upsells that can skyrocket your earnings in this often overlooked service niche.

Video Guide: Starting Your Dumpster Pad Cleaning Business

Before we delve into Mike's insights, don't miss out on our comprehensive video guide on starting a dumpster pad cleaning business. Every step is covered, providing you with a roadmap to success. Check the comment section and video description for the link.

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Service Frequency Demystified: Tailoring to Client Needs

Mike breaks down the frequency of dumpster pad cleaning, revealing that contracts range from two weeks to quarterly, with some high-end restaurants opting for bi-monthly or even weekly services. The key lies in understanding your client's needs and adapting your schedule accordingly.

Profitable Upsells: Adding Value to Your Service

Unlock the potential for additional revenue by offering upsells. Mike suggests fence cleaning, rust removal, and even a thorough lid cleaning for dumpsters. The savvy entrepreneur emphasizes the importance of adapting your services to client requirements, maximizing your value proposition.

Initial Cleaning Fee: Setting the Right Price

Mike shares his pricing strategy, advocating for an initial cleaning fee that accounts for property learning, gate locks, and other variables. With typical cleanings priced around $250, he recommends an initial fee around $300, ensuring you're compensated adequately for your efforts.

Determining Pricing Packages: Tailoring to Your Clientele

Whether it's an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or bi-weekly cleaning, Mike suggests pricing packages based on your client's needs. For those high-end restaurants needing more frequent cleanings, don't be afraid to charge a premium, aiming for an average of $250 per cleaning.

Conclusion: Turning Trash into Treasure in Dumpster Pad Cleaning

As we wrap up this eye-opening discussion with Mike, the message is clear – dumpster pad cleaning can be a goldmine if approached strategically. Tailor your services, offer valuable upsells, and set your prices right. For a complete guide on entering this business, check out the linked video.

Remember, success lies in adapting to your client's needs and continuously seeking ways to add value to your services. If Mike can turn dumpster pad cleaning into a $300,000 venture, so can you!

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