How To Make $100 An Hour Pressure Washing (Step By Step)


Welcome back to the hustle, everyone! In today's session, we're dissecting a TikTok video that claims to reveal the secrets to making $100 per hour in the pressure washing game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there's something to learn in this breakdown. Let's get into the nitty-gritty details!

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Analyzing the TikTok Video: Tips and Tricks Unveiled

The video kicks off with a bold claim – making $100 per hour in pressure washing. Our expert takes you step by step through the TikTok creator's process, highlighting both the commendable practices and areas for improvement.

Chemical Choices: A Critical Starting Point

Our expert advises against purchasing chemicals from big-box stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. Why? Chemicals may degrade over time on store shelves, affecting their potency. The recommendation? Opt for pool stores for fresher, more effective chemicals. Remember, the quality of your chemicals matters in the pressure washing game!

Setup Showcase: Beginner-Friendly and Budget-Conscious

The TikTok creator boasts a beginner-friendly setup – a 4000 PSI machine, an x-jet for applying chemicals, and a budget-conscious approach. Our expert commends this choice for those just starting out, emphasizing the importance of a balanced setup without breaking the bank.

Vegetation Protection: A Crucial Step

Before diving into chemical application, the video emphasizes rinsing vegetation to avoid any harm. Our expert seconds this advice, stressing the significance of protecting the surrounding landscape during pressure washing jobs. Keep those plants green and thriving!

Chemical Application: Surfing the Suds

The video introduces the use of an x-jet attachment for chemical application, favoring it over downstream injectors. Our expert agrees, highlighting the benefits of a more accurate chemical ratio. However, he cautions against excessive surfactant use, especially on windows. It's a delicate balance between suds and streak-free finishes.

Brick Cleaning: Managing Expectations

Cleaning older or uneven brick requires a nuanced approach. Our expert stresses the importance of customer expectations. High-pressure cleaning may damage older brick, and it's crucial to communicate this to clients. Utilizing higher bleach content with lower pressure ensures effective cleaning without compromising the integrity of the surface.

Efficiency in Action: Results and Takeaways

The TikTok creator wraps up a two-hour job, making $400. While efficiency is evident, our expert highlights the importance of customer satisfaction and setting realistic expectations. Learn from this breakdown, adapt to your circumstances, and upgrade your equipment as you grow.

Conclusion: Lessons for Aspiring Pressure Washers

As we conclude this deep dive into the world of pressure washing, remember that success comes from a combination of knowledge, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for more insights at Lean and Mean Academy. If you've made it this far, drop a comment with #100 to let us know you're a real one. Until next time, hustle hard and get that money, baby! Peace out!

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