How To Clean Stucco


Navigating the Challenges of Stucco Cleaning: A Professional Guide

Greetings from Coty at Southeast Softwash! Today, we're excited to share our expertise in cleaning stucco, a material not commonly found in our area. Join us as we navigate a stucco cleaning project, providing you with valuable insights and best practices.

Understanding the Task at Hand

Our job site today involves a large property with a stucco privacy wall around a pool. Before we begin, it's crucial to inspect the area for any pre-existing damage to the stucco, check for electrical fixtures, and protect nearby vegetation - all to ensure a safe and successful cleaning.

Tailoring Our Approach to Stucco

Stucco's porous texture requires a specific cleaning method, different from smoother surfaces like vinyl siding. Here's how we tackle it:

  1. Chemical Mix Ratio: We adjust our chemical mix to a stronger concentration (about 4%) to penetrate the stucco's porous surface effectively.
  2. Application Technique: We apply the solution carefully, especially near electrical outlets, using a fan spray to cover more area and ensure the solution adheres well.
  3. Rinsing Off: After the solution has done its work, we rinse off the surface with a high-pressure ball valve, offering enough pressure to clean without damaging the stucco.

Execution and Efficiency

On-site, we manage our application techniques to minimize overspray. Adjusting the equipment settings is crucial to avoid any potential damage to the pump.

Job Valuation and Time Management

This project, encompassing the house wash and the wall, is priced at $1,600. Our efficient method allows a two-person team to complete the job in about four hours, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.

Key Takeaways

Stucco cleaning demands a careful balance of chemical strength and application technique. Our hands-on experience highlights the need for adaptability and understanding of different materials in professional cleaning.

Final Thoughts

For those keen on mastering the art of stucco cleaning or enhancing their overall pressure washing skills, practical experience is invaluable. Check out the link below for an in-depth guide and training on various cleaning techniques.

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