How To Downstream With A Pressure Washer | Q6 Solutions reviews the Smart Stream


In this article, Q6 Solutions will be discussing the SouthEast Soft-Wash Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box and whether it is worth investing in. We will take a look at how to set it up, some time-saving tips, and compare it to the traditional 12-volt system. So, let's dive in and explore the world of downstreaming!

The Benefits of the Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box

The Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box offers several advantages over traditional methods of downstreaming. One of the key benefits is its fuel economy. With a 28-gallon capacity, this system allows you to work a full 10-hour day without having to refuel. It's like the Prius of fuel economy!

Another advantage of the Smart Stream is its efficiency. The system doesn't shake a lot, providing a stable and smooth operation. This is a significant improvement compared to other downstreaming systems.

Setting Up the Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box

To set up the Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box, you will need a few key components. First, you will need a bleach tank dedicated to downstreaming. Typically, this would be 55 gallons of straight bleach, but in this case, the tank has been filled with a mixture of pink soap and water for troubleshooting purposes. This ensures that the system is pulling chemical properly.

In addition to the bleach tank, you will also need a separate water supply for the downstream unit. This is important because the water is used when you are not pulling chemical, preventing any corrosion risks. The water line loops around and connects to the downstream unit, ensuring a continuous water supply.

Inside the Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box, there is a dial that controls the flow of bleach. This dial can be adjusted to open or close the bleach side, allowing chemical to flow down to the injector. It is important to ensure that the dial is set correctly to achieve the desired chemical concentration.

Troubleshooting the Downstream Injector

During the setup process, the speaker encountered some issues with the downstream injector. They initially purchased an injector from a local parts store that was rated for the gallons per minute they were running. However, this injector did not work properly, even after troubleshooting other potential issues.

To resolve the problem, they purchased a new injector from a website called Clean Right. This new injector, along with another one, was able to successfully pull chemical from a five-gallon bucket. This resolved the issue and allowed the downstreaming process to proceed smoothly.

Using the Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box

Once the setup is complete, it's time to put the Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box to use. The speaker demonstrates the process by using a gun with tall reach tips from Southeast Softwash. They also use a J rod for added convenience.

To activate the downstreaming process, the speaker uses a remote control with a range of up to a mile. This allows them to control the system from anywhere on the job site and switch between chemical and water flow. The remote control is powered by the ground and live terminals, which are connected to the battery. The voltage is displayed on the remote control, indicating that the system is ready to go.

The speaker starts the downstreaming process by rinsing everything down with water, ensuring that no streaks are left on the windows. They then activate the chemical flow using the remote control, and within seconds, the chemical starts to soak into the surface being cleaned.

Throughout the video, the speaker showcases the effectiveness of the Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box. They are able to wash an entire house and detached garage in just one hour and ten minutes, using only four to five gallons of bleach. The results are impressive, with the house looking clean and the roof shining.

The speaker also mentions that they have picked up some new hats, which they are wearing on the job. They express their satisfaction with the quality of the hats and mention that they will be putting them to the test.

In conclusion, the SouthEast Soft-Wash Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box offers several benefits, including fuel economy and efficiency. Setting up the system involves having a dedicated bleach tank and a separate water supply. Troubleshooting the downstream injector may be necessary, but with the right equipment, the process can be smooth and effective. The Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box proves to be a valuable tool for efficient and effective cleaning. # The SouthEast Soft-Wash Smart Stream Downstream Injector Box: A Game-Changer in Cleaning Efficiency

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