How To Remove Oxidation From Hardi Board Siding

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If you have Hardi board siding that has become severely oxidized, don't worry - there's a solution. In this article, we will walk you through the process of restoring your siding using Oxnox. Oxnox is a powerful cleaning solution that can effectively remove oxidation and bring your siding back to life.

Assessing the Oxidation

Before you begin the restoration process, it's important to assess the level of oxidation on your Hardi board siding. In the video, Cody from Southeast Soft Wash demonstrates how to check for oxidation. He points out that heavily oxidized siding can be easily spotted from the road. In this case, the siding has been severely oxidized due to a recent hailstorm.

Restoring the Siding with Oxnox

To restore the siding, Cody recommends using a four-to-one ratio of Oxnox to water. You can also use an ex-jet with a similar application strength. Using a pump-up sprayer, Cody pre-wets the wall before applying the Oxnox solution. He suggests working on a section of the wall at a time, starting from one end and moving towards the other. This allows for better control and ensures that the solution is evenly applied.

After applying the Oxnox, Cody lets it dwell on the siding for about five minutes. This gives the solution enough time to penetrate the oxidation and break it down. During this time, the Oxnox works its magic, restoring the siding to its original condition.

Rinsing Off the Oxnox

Once the dwell time is up, it's time to rinse off the Oxnox. Cody uses a ball valve to control the water flow and ensure a thorough rinse. He starts from the top of the section and works his way down, making sure to remove all traces of the Oxnox solution.

The Results

After rinsing off the Oxnox, the transformation is remarkable. The severely oxidized siding now looks clean and rejuvenated. Cody emphasizes that while Oxnox can work wonders on heavily oxidized siding, it's not a magic solution. If the paint has failed and the siding is still oxidized, a repaint may be necessary. However, if the paint is in good shape underneath the oxidation, restoring it with Oxnox can save you time and effort.


If you're dealing with severely oxidized Hardi board siding, Oxnox can be your savior. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively remove oxidation and restore your siding to its former glory. Remember to assess the level of oxidation, apply the Oxnox solution using the recommended ratio, let it dwell, and rinse it off thoroughly. With Oxnox, you can make the restoration process easier and achieve great results.

So, don't let oxidation ruin the appearance of your siding. Give Oxnox a try and see the difference it can make!

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