How to Make $100,000⧸year Pressure Washing


I get a bunch of questions and see a lot of comments from people asking, "How much can you actually make with a pressure washing business?" That's a loaded question, but I'm going to give you the most honest answer you'll ever get: you can make as much or as little as you want.

Yes, there are many variables to consider. Is this a side hustle, or are you going to do it full-time? Are you going to put in the effort and follow through with all the necessary tasks? Where do you live? Is it densely populated, or do you live in a remote area with fewer potential customers? These factors all play a role in how much you can make.

However, with effort, determination, and the right strategies, anyone with some intelligence could make at least $100,000 per year by their second year in business. This is a gross number, not net, and I'll explain the importance of that at the end of the post. It's important to understand that this won't happen overnight. There's no magic bullet—it's hard work, and you'll need to put in maximum effort every single day.

Three Key Factors for Success

Three big factors will impact your success:

  1. Lead Flow: You need a constant stream of leads coming in every day.
  2. Conversion Rate: Your ability to convert those leads into paying customers.
  3. Average Ticket Price: The amount you charge per job, which directly correlates to targeting the right customer base and finding your niche.

These three factors will help determine how you'll hit the six-figure mark.

If you're looking to start a pressure washing business but aren't sure what chemicals to use, how to mix them, how to clean every surface on a residential job site, or what equipment you need and how to use it properly, safely, and profitably, check out SESW Softwash 101. It's an essential class that will provide you with all the knowledge you need.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Let's get into the numbers and data. To determine the correlation between leads, jobs closed, and the average ticket price needed to make $100,000 per year in pressure washing, we need to consider several factors.

First, let's calculate the number of jobs you need to land to make $100,000 a year. Assume you work 48 weeks per year (considering vacations, holidays, weather, and sick days). If your goal is to make $100,000 annually, divide that number by the number of weeks you work. So, $100,000 divided by 48 equals about $2,083 per week.

Next, figure out your average ticket price. Based on historical data or market research, let's say your average ticket price is $300 per job. This is not out of the realm of possibility—in fact, it's on the low side in some regions.

Then, calculate the number of jobs needed per week based on the weekly target and your average ticket price. Divide the weekly income goal by the average ticket price. So, $2,083 divided by $300 equals approximately seven jobs per week.

Lead Generation and Conversion

To hit that seven jobs per week mark, you'll need around 14 leads coming in weekly, assuming a 50% conversion rate. To get those leads, you need effective marketing. Without marketing, you won't have leads, and without leads, you won't have customers.

There are many free ways to get your business in front of people. You can use Google, Nextdoor, Facebook groups, yard signs, and door knocking. Additionally, investing in ad spend on platforms like Facebook can significantly boost your lead generation.

Gross Sales vs. Net Profit

It's crucial to understand the difference between gross sales and net profit. Gross sales represent the total revenue before deducting expenses like equipment, supplies, labor, marketing, insurance, taxes, and overhead costs. Net profit is the money left after subtracting these expenses.

You need to manage your costs to ensure a healthy profit margin. You should not work for free or just to stay busy—this is a for-profit business. Failing to account for expenses adequately can lead to financial disaster.

Tools for Success

To help manage your business effectively, tools like Quote IQ can track expenses, hourly rates, and provide key business data to make smart decisions. It helps you close deals faster and track all information necessary for long-term success.


Achieving $100,000 a year with a pressure washing business is very attainable with the right effort, marketing, and tools. Check out Quote IQ and SESW Softwash 101 for comprehensive guidance on running a successful pressure washing business.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your time. Don't forget to check out the resources in the description and the first pinned comment for more information.

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