This Sales Script Will Make You Rich (Soft washing)


Hey everyone! My name is Justin, and welcome to Forever Self-Employed. In today's post, I'm diving into a million-dollar sales script for door-to-door sales that could potentially make you rich—at least that's what the expert claims. If you've seen him on TikTok, you know he shares a ton of videos showcasing his interactions with customers and how he makes those sales. I'm here to break down exactly what he's doing.

This guy has been at it for a long time, so a lot of his techniques are subtle, involving tonality and body language. I'm going to dissect his approach so you can learn a door-to-door script that can transform your business. Although these types of videos don't usually get a lot of views on my channel due to the lack of satisfying b-roll footage, they are the real game-changers for boosting sales and profits.

Why This Sales Script Works

The sales script I'm discussing today hinges on three crucial elements:

  1. Building Rapport: Engaging the customer with a friendly and relaxed demeanor.
  2. Creating Social Proof: Showing the customer that your service is trusted by their neighbors.
  3. Assuming the Close: Leading the conversation to naturally result in a sale.

The Breakdown: Step-by-Step

  1. Lead with a Non-Salesy Approach:

    • The expert starts with casual body language. Imagine someone knocking on your door looking relaxed and friendly.
    • He greets the customer with a compliment: "Hey sir, how are you? Those look like some comfy slippers."
    • This opening disarms the customer and makes them more receptive.
  2. Make a Joke to Break the Ice:

    • The follow-up comment about the comfy slippers is designed to make the customer smile and lower their guard.
    • This approach is essential for building rapport early in the interaction.
  3. Establish Social Proof:

    • He asks, "Have you seen us around?" This question isn't just small talk—it's telling the customer that other people in their neighborhood are using his service.
    • This creates a sense of normalcy and trust.
  4. Lead the Conversation:

    • He then says, "Take two steps this way, I'll show you what we're doing, then I gotta keep moving." This establishes him as the leader of the interaction.
    • He implies urgency and a busy schedule, which makes the customer feel like they're getting special attention.
  5. Offer a Deal:

    • He mentions a special offer: "We're doing a deal for guys wearing comfy moccasins today."
    • This playful yet strategic statement creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency.
  6. Get Multiple Yeses:

    • Throughout the interaction, he seeks small agreements from the customer: acknowledging the comfy slippers, taking a step outside, agreeing to hear the quote.
    • By the time he asks for the close, the customer is already in the habit of saying yes.

Putting It All Together

Here’s a quick recap of the script:

  • Start casually: "Hey sir, how's it going? Those look like some comfy slippers."
  • Make a joke early: "We're doing a deal for guys wearing comfy moccasins today."
  • Establish social proof: "Have you seen us around the neighborhood?"
  • Lead and set the frame: "Take two steps with me, I'll show you what we're doing, then I gotta get moving."
  • Get yeses: Engage the customer with questions that lead to small agreements.
  • Assume the close: "Once we're done, I want you and your wife to take a look around and see how awesome everything looks."

Final Thoughts

This sales script is a powerful tool for anyone in the door-to-door business. By mastering these techniques, you can significantly increase your sales and boost your profits. If you're serious about growing your business, make sure to watch this video till the end, hit the thumbs-up button, and leave a comment below.

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Until next time, hustle hard and get that money!

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