Effortless Restoration: Cleaning Historic Headstones


Hey, what's up, guys? We're here at the Nashville Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries around, with some truly remarkable historical graves. I hope my mic is working well for you guys. There are a lot of cool, significant people buried here, including several Revolutionary War figures. Today, we're focusing on a particular grave—William Driver, the man who named the American flag "Old Glory." His grave is beautifully crafted but covered in moss and grime. We're going to clean it up using Monu-Mental, our specialized quat-based cleaner.

Why Monu-Mental?

Monu-Mental is a highly effective, non-toxic cleaner perfect for old, delicate gravestones. It's designed to clean without the need for scrubbing or rinsing, making it ideal for preserving the integrity of historic monuments. Bleach and pressure washing can damage these stones, but Monu-Mental works safely by attacking algae at a cellular level.

Demonstration: Cleaning William Driver’s Grave

We’ve got our trusty Milwaukee battery-operated sprayer, which puts out the perfect amount of cleaner without the hassle of manual pumping. Let’s talk a bit about Monu-Mental:

  • Non-toxic and highly concentrated: Safe for use on old gravestones.
  • No scrubbing or rinsing required: Just spray it on and leave it.
  • Effective against algae, mildew, mold, moss, and lichen: Contains no bleach or acids, making it non-corrosive and perfect for monuments.
  • Versatile: Can be used on any exterior surface including roofs, sidewalks, decks, fences, and awnings.

Application Process

For today’s demonstration, we’re using Monu-Mental straight from the container to ensure quick and dramatic results.

  1. Preparation: Fill the sprayer with Monu-Mental.
  2. Application: Spray a liberal coat over the entire surface of William Driver’s gravestone. The cleaner is jelly-like and sticks to the stone, penetrating nooks and crannies.
  3. Wait: Allow the cleaner to sit for a few days without rain for optimal results.

Observations and Results

We’re surrounded by old, beautiful graves, each one telling a story. William Driver’s grave is particularly interesting. He was a master mariner and the man who named the American flag "Old Glory." His gravestone, although currently covered in algae and moss, will soon look much better.

  • Initial Results: After spraying, the stone immediately starts to look better. Monu-Mental attacks the algae at a cellular level, causing it to die off.
  • No Pressure Needed: Unlike pressure washing, which can damage these delicate stones, Monu-Mental cleans gently yet effectively.
  • Safe for All Surfaces: While it’s perfect for monuments, you can use it on a variety of exterior surfaces.

Final Look

After a few days, the rain will wash away the dead algae, leaving the stone clean and beautiful. We’ll check back in a month to see the full transformation.


Monu-Mental is a powerful, safe, and effective cleaner for cemetery monuments and other sensitive surfaces. It respects the integrity of historic graves while delivering impressive cleaning results. For anyone looking to maintain or restore old gravestones, Monu-Mental is the go-to solution.

We'll come back and check on Mr. Driver's grave in the next video, and you’ll see the difference for yourself. I'll also put a link to Monu-Mental in the description below for those interested. Until next time, take care and happy cleaning!

For more information and to purchase Monu-Mental, check out the link in the description. See you next time!

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