From Zero to $4K: Tyler Starkey's Journey with Pressure Washing

What is up, everybody! My name is Justin, and this is Forever Self-Employed. In today's video, I’m excited to introduce Tyler Starkey, a 0 to 7k course graduate who’s been absolutely killing the game. Tyler, how’s it going, man?

Tyler: Good, man. Thanks for having me in today. Appreciate it.

Justin: Absolutely, man. Let’s dive in. First things first, how long have you been in the pressure washing business?

Tyler: So, my company, TS Services, initially focused on TRR repairs for real estate transactions—fixing wood rot, water damage, and so on. I started pressure washing as a side gig, doing small jobs for $99. I stumbled upon one of your YouTube videos around November 2019, saw the profits, and decided to transition fully into pressure washing by May 2020.

Justin: That’s amazing growth in such a short time. What part of the course was a game-changer for you?

Tyler: The course filled a huge knowledge gap. I was able to focus on Facebook ad strategies, which massively boosted my business. Your detailed lessons on chemical breakdowns and machine builds were invaluable. The course paid for itself within six hours. I tripled my investment by closing $4,000 worth of jobs in just a week and a half.

Justin: Incredible! Can you share more about your equipment setup and how you started?

Tyler: I started with a 2.5-gallon pressure washer, a backpack sprayer, and my wife’s garden hose reel. I did jobs the hard way, climbing roofs and using a small surface cleaner. But reinvesting my earnings into better equipment and advertising made all the difference.

Justin: What advice would you give to those looking to get into the pressure washing business?

Tyler: Educate yourself thoroughly. Avoid costly mistakes by learning about the right chemical mixes and equipment. Invest in a quality training course—it's worth every penny. Build a strong knowledge base so you can confidently speak with customers and deliver excellent results.

Justin: Great advice. Tyler, thanks so much for sharing your story. For those watching, if you’re inspired by Tyler’s journey and want to learn more, check out the Softwash 101 Training Video. It’s packed with valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed in the pressure washing business.

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