How To Make $500 Hour Removing Graffiti


Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the Lean and Mean Academy, your go-to spot for discussions on maximizing profits in the pressure washing business. Today, we've got an exciting mission ahead – tackling graffiti that has been plaguing the area near a store under a bridge. Join us as we dive into the process of graffiti removal, showcasing the power of effective solutions and the profitability of offering such services.

The Graffiti Removal Process:

Our weapon of choice for today's mission is the graffiti-defeating solution from southeast This potent chemical is no joke – it ships as hazmat and is used at full strength. The best part? It works wonders in cold water, making it a versatile solution for those without hot water units. As we delve into the graffiti removal process, the chemical is applied, allowing it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before the pressure washing magic begins.

Why Graffiti Removal is Lucrative:

Graffiti remover it's a lucrative venture. It addresses a blight on businesses that can turn customers away, creating an opportunity for pressure washing professionals to step in. The speaker emphasizes the importance of charging appropriately for graffiti removal, with a minimum fee of $400 to $500, regardless of the size. The chemical used might come with a higher upfront cost, but the returns are significant, making it a wise investment for professionals.

The Profit Margin:

For those new to the pressure washing business, understanding the profit margin is crucial. Despite the hazmat charge and the cost of the chemical, the speaker assures us that the margin remains intact. Graffiti removal is a high-ticket service that often needs immediate attention, allowing professionals to charge more for their swift and effective solutions.

Pro Tips for Success:

The speaker shares valuable insights for success in graffiti removal. One key tip is to let the chemical do the heavy lifting by allowing it to soak in and work on the graffiti layers. The goal is not to promise perfection, as variables such as the type of paint and the duration the graffiti has been there are unknown. Instead, the focus is on fading and removing most of the graffiti, satisfying the customer's needs.

The Mission: Graffiti Defeated!

As we witness the graffiti removal in action, the power of the graffiti-defeating solution becomes evident. The layers of graffiti are unveiled, and the area is prepped for a fresh start. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not getting bogged down in an endless cycle of removing layers upon layers, ensuring a practical and efficient approach to the job.


In conclusion, graffiti removal isn't just a service; it's a profitable venture for pressure washing professionals. The power of effective chemicals and a strategic approach to the job can turn a seemingly daunting task into a lucrative opportunity. For those looking to kickstart their pressure washing business or take it to the next level, the Local Domination Zero to 7K course is highly recommended. Check the link in the description and embark on your journey to lean and mean success in the pressure washing industry!

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