How To Make A Fortune Cleaning Wood Fences (The Best Chemical)


Transforming Wood Fences: The Ultimate Cleaning Solution

Welcome back to our channel! Today, we're thrilled to bring you an insightful segment from our discussion with Cody, a veteran in the pressure washing industry. In this post, Cody unveils the magic of Wood Wizard, a game-changing chemical for wood fence restoration.

The Challenge of Wood Cleaning

Wood cleaning can be daunting, particularly with the risk of damaging delicate wood fibers or altering the wood's natural pH balance. Traditional methods, like using high concentrations of bleach, often lead to unsatisfactory results. Cody shares his journey in finding a safer, more effective solution.

Introducing Wood Wizard

Wood Wizard is a sodium metasilicate-based wood cleaner, a significant advancement from traditional sodium percarbonate-based cleaners. This powerful formula offers a hassle-free application and impressive results.

Key Benefits of Wood Wizard:

  1. Safe on Wood: Unlike bleach, Wood Wizard maintains the integrity of wood fibers, ensuring no damage to the surface.
  2. Easy Application: A simple spray, dwell, and rinse process rejuvenates wood surfaces without intensive labor.
  3. Natural Finish: Post-cleaning, wood regains its natural color and texture, without the whitening effect often seen with bleach-based cleaners.

How to Use Wood Wizard

  1. Apply: Spray Wood Wizard evenly across the wood surface.
  2. Dwell: Allow a 20 to 30-minute dwell time for the chemical to work its magic.
  3. Rinse: Gently rinse the surface with a wand and a white tip, avoiding high pressure to preserve the wood's integrity.

Results: Before and After

Cody shares before-and-after images of wood fences treated with Wood Wizard. The transformation is remarkable – from aged, weathered fences to revitalized surfaces with a natural wooden hue.

Expanding Your Service Offering

For those in the pressure washing business, Wood Wizard opens doors to numerous wood cleaning opportunities. Say goodbye to the anxiety of using harsh chemicals on sensitive surfaces. This product ensures you can tackle any wood cleaning job with confidence.

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